Student Spotlight: AADS Majors, Gloria Jamerson and Olivia Dimmer, receive Michael Ross Scholarship

The Department of African and African Diaspora Studies is excited to announce that Gloria Jamerson and Olivia Dimmer have been awarded the 2021-22 Michael Ross Scholarship!

Gloria is a senior at UWM, pursuing a major in African and African Diaspora Studies Culture & Society track.

“African and African Diaspora Studies has allowed me to research and connect with my ancestry. In addition, Africa and African Diaspora Studies has given me a renewed sense of pride in community that I thought was long lost. The knowledge that I’ve gained, I’d like to share with family and community at large. I think it is vitally important that our youth are made aware of their proud heritage. African and African Diaspora studies has equipped me with the information, capabilities and drive needed to make a positive impact. The 2021-2022 Michael Ross scholarship will relieve me of much of the financial pressure I have endured in my educational endeavors.”

Olivia is a Junior at UWM, pursuing a double major in Women’s and Gender Studies and African and African Diaspora Studies Political Economy track.

“I aspire to center my career around advocating for human rights. In the sociopolitical climate we live in currently— nationally and internationally— utilizing the education I receive as an African and African Diaspora Studies major is a unique and valuable tool that, at the very least, I plan to employ as a foundation for prospective education and career practices. Whether African and African Diaspora Studies is the focus of my future, or an avenue leading to adjacent future endeavors, I fully intend to keep close to my own constitution the knowledge I gain as an undergraduate. I find the more I learn, the greater my desire for wide-spread awareness of the subject grows. It’s one of the most important matters I can partake in, and there is a demand for it, not exclusively in the United States but globally. Receiving this scholarship allows me to offset some of the costs incurred when striving for three majors. The award also gives me a renewed sense of confidence in the effort I have already put into my education. I am exceedingly grateful for this contribution to my future. Thank you!”

We congratulate Gloria and Olivia on their achievements and wish them the best of luck on their academic journeys!