The Annual UWM Undergraduate Research Symposium

April 27, 2018, 11:45am-4pm
Abstract Submission Deadline: March 10, 2018

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The 10th Annual UWM Undergraduate Research Symposium celebrates the research collaborations of UWM undergraduate students with our faculty and staff. Over 250 students from across UWM will present the results of their research from the last year.

11:45am: Welcome, Union Wisconsin Room
12:00-1:20pm: Oral & Performing Arts Presentations
1:30-3:30pm: Poster & Visual Art Presentations
3:30pm: Closing Remarks, Recognition of Outstanding Presentations, & Announcement of Undergraduate Research Mentor of the Year

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The 9th Annual UWM Undergraduate Research Symposium was a great success. Over 270 students presented their research and over 130 faculty, staff, and graduate students volunteered as judges.  Arijit Sen (SARUP) was awarded the Undergraduate Research Mentor of the Year award and the following students were recognized for Outstanding Presentations:

Adam Aleiou, “Synthesis of Diketopiperazine and its Analogs”
Mentor: Mahmun M. Hossain, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Emily Bartsch, Kayla Flentje, Chantee Kelly, Nicole Lagenfeld, Countess Olivia Valenza, and Natalie “Tally” Moss,  “Migration of Invisible Narratives”
Mentor: Maria Gillespie, Dance

Ameralys Correa, “Integrating Self Healing Materials and Structural Health Monitoring”
Mentor: Nathan Salowitz, Mechanical Engineering

Lily Gierke, “Population Genetic Structure of the Bull-Kelp,Nereocystis luetkeana
Mentor: Filipe Alberto, Biological Sciences

Rachel Gremminger, “Sex Differences in the Memory Enhancements Effects of 17²-Estradiol”
Mentors: Karyn Frick, Psychology and Wendy Koss, Psychology

Madeline Kallenbach, “Impaired Proactive Control under Threat of Shock”
Mentor: Christine Larson, Psychology

Sarah Philippi, “Wnt/²-catenin Signaling Is Necessary for E2-Mediated Memory Enhancement”
Mentor: Dr. Frick, Psychology

Matthew Ryther, “The Role of Carbon Dioxide within Lake Michigan’s Nitrogen Cycle”
Mentor: Russell Cuhel, Freshwater Science

Sarah C. Sarich, Majdulin Nabil Istiban, and Samantha L. Skorlinski “Characterization of Crispr/Cas9-Mediated Cabin1 Deletion on Craniofacial Morphology in Larval Zebrafish”
Mentor: Ava J. Udvadia, Biological Sciences

Madison Dawne Tebo, “TimeSlips – Connecting Through Creativity”
Mentor: Jessica Meuninck-Ganger, Art & Design

Gabriella Van Den Elzen, “Matrix Training: Considerations for Recombinative Generalization and Efficiency of Acquisition”
Mentor: Tiffany Kodak, Psychology

Jennifer Wendlick, “Wnt5b Mediated Regulation of Cell Shape Changes During Tissue Folding at the Midbrain-Hindbrain Boundary”
Mentor: Dr. Gutzman, Biological Sciences