UWM Distinguished Professors

At the pinnacle of their careers, UWM Distinguished Professors have had significant impact on their fields of study. With remarkable productivity, international reputations, and glowing testimonials from peers, UWM Distinguished Professors continue to make significant scholarly contributions to their disciplines. Of the 47 professors who have achieved this status since 1973, 29 remain on the faculty, continuing their leadership role at our university.

Professor Unit
Margo Anderson History, Urban Studies Dr. Anderson specializes in U.S. social history and is a leader in research on the U.S. Census.
Margaret Atherton Philosophy Dr. Atherton is an accomplished philosophy historian best known for her studies of Locke, Berkeley, and Descartes.
Mohsen Bahmani-Oskooee Economics Dr. Bahmani-Oskooee’s research areas include international reserves, open economy macroeconomics, and exchange rates.
Junhong Chen Mechanical Engineering Dr. Chen’s research focuses on nanomaterial and nanodevice innovations for sustainable energy and environmental applications.
James Cook Chemistry Dr. Cook’s work contributes to safer and more effective medications to ease anxiety and alcoholism.
Peter Dunn Biological Sciences Dr. Dunn’s research on birds includes sexual selection, immunogenetics, and the impacts of climate change and plumage color on their survival.
Fred Eckman Linguistics Dr. Eckman is an internationally recognized expert on second-language phonology and second-language acquisition.
Nadya Fouad Educational Psychology Dr. Fouad’s research interests include the affects of culture and gender on career development.
Jane Gallop English Dr. Gallop is recognized for her work on the overlapping fields of psychoanalysis, literary studies, and women’s studies.
Arun Garg Industrial Engineering Dr. Garg’s ergonomics work has advanced the understanding of repetitive-motion injuries and influenced OSHA policies.
Fred Helmstetter Psychology Dr. Helmstetter’s research involves the complex psychological phenomena of learning, memory, and emotion.
Uk Heo Political Science Dr. Heo is an internationally recognized scholar in the overlapping fields of Korean politics, defense policy analysis, security studies, and political economy.
John Heywood Economics Dr. Heywood’s research includes interactions between employers and their workers throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Australia.
J. David Hoeveler History Dr. Hoeveler’s work spans centuries of U.S. thought and culture, as he tracks the “creation of the American mind.”
Stephen Leeds Philosophy Dr. Leeds’ research has achieved distinction in the philosophy of science, epistemology, and metaphysics.
Abbas Ourmazd Physics Dr. Ourmazd is an accomplished researcher and entrepreneur with a strong track record of stimulating multidisciplinary work.
David Petering Chemistry Dr. Petering is an internationally recognized expert on the effect of metals on biological systems.
Paul Roebber Mathematical Sciences Dr. Roebber’s is regarded as one of the leading forecasting experts in the United States.
Pradeep Rohatgi Materials Engineering Dr. Rohatgi’s research has had a profound impact on cast metal matrix composites.
Dilano Saldin Physics Dr. Saldin’s research interests include holography, tomography, and x-ray scattering from biomolecules.
Mark D. Schwartz Geography Dr. Schwartz’s work has revealed important ecological implications of phenology — the seasonal timing of plant life cycles.
Robert Schwartz Philosophy Dr. Schwartz’s research includes the philosophy of psychology: vision, language, and mathematical cognition.
Ehsanolah S. Soofi Business Statistics Dr. Soofi has developed information measures for statistical analysis with economic and business applications.
J. Rudi Strickler Biological Sciences Dr. Strickler’s work has revealed the activities of species near the bottom of the aquatic food chain.
Anastasios Tsonis Mathematical Sciences Dr. Tsonis built UWM’s Atmospheric Sciences Program and was the first to apply chaos theory and nonlinear techniques to meteorology.
Wilfred Tysoe Chemistry Dr. Tysoe is recognized for using surface science to study catalysis under “real world” conditions.
Michael Weinert Physics Dr. Weinert’s research includes groundbreaking theoretical work in condensed-matter physics.
Merry Wiesner-Hanks History Dr. Wiesner-Hanks’ research on the lives of women in the early modern period has helped establish the field of women’s history.
Fatemeh (Mariam) Zahedi Information Technology Management Dr. Zahedi is recognized for research in combining theories behavior research and design science to address issues involving Web usage and information technology.