Kristin Sziarto

Associate Professor
 (414) 229-3941
 Bolton Hall 468


PhD, Geography, University of Minnesota, 2007
MA, Geography, University of Georgia, 2001
BA, Theater, Williams College, 1988

Office Hours

T/R 11:15am – 12:30pm; or by appointment

Courses Taught

Geog 110 – The World: Peoples and Regions Syllabus
Geog 309 – Nationalities and Nations of the World Syllabus
Geog 400 – Population Geography Syllabus
Geog 600 – Perspectives on Geography
Geog 905 – Seminar in Theories and Geographies of Social Movements (Spring 2012)

Research Interests

Kristin Sziarto is an urban political geographer with interests in the relationships between social movements, collective identities, the state, and the spaces of the city. Her research has focused on urban social movement organizations, including labor-community coalitions and immigrants’ rights organizing. Labor-community coalitions aim to revive the labor movement by uniting disparate groups in alliances to shape urban politics. Her work is particularly concerned with religion-labor alliances’ appearance as a counterweight to the rise of the religious right in the U.S., and the potential for these alliances to address issues of both economic and racial justice. Drawing on hegemony theory (from Gramsci through Laclau and Mouffe), as well as feminist scholarship on alliance politics, subjectivity, and emotion work, her research traces how religion-labor alliances construct collective identities and notions of 'worker justice.' How is this geographic? Cities are crucial places for the emergence of social movements. Cities are also 'difference machines,' in which collective identities emerge from encounters in urban spaces and places. A related area of research addresses the regulation, racialization, and resistance of immigrants in cities in Wisconsin.

Representative Publications

Laliberté, N., Bain, A., Lankenau, G., Bolduc, M., Mansson McGinty, A. M., & Sziarto, K. M. (2017, March). The Controversy Capital of Stealth Feminism in Higher Education. ACME. An International Journal for Critical Geographies, 16(1), 34-58.
Sziarto, K. M., Mansson McGinty, A., & Seymour-Jorn, C. (2014, February). Diverse Muslims in a Racialized Landscape: Race, Ethnicity, Islamophobia, and Urban Space in Milwaukee, WI. Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs, 34(1), 1-21.
Sziarto, K. M., McCarthy, L. M., & Padilla, N. (2014). Teaching critical thinking in world regional geography through stakeholder debate. Journal of Geography in Higher Education, 38(4), 557-570.
Sziarto, K. M., & Leitner, H. (2010, September). Immigrants Riding for Justice: Space-time and emotions in the construction of a counterpublic. Political Geography, Political Geography, 29(7), 381-391.
Sziarto, K. M. (2008, September). Placing Legitimacy: Organizing religious support in a health care workers’ contract campaign. Tijdschrift voor economische en sociale geografie (Journal of Economic & Social Geography, 99(4), 406-425.