Graduate Research

As a reflection of the diversity of interests and expertise in our interdisciplinary program among faculty, graduate students in urban studies pursue a variety of research topics and fields as they progress through the Master’s or Doctoral programs. Many students in the program present their research at the annual Student Forum or at professional conferences (see profiles below), and students may also submit polished articles to the student-run journal, e.polis, or other journals. Project Assistants in the program frequently work directly on research projects with faculty. Graduate research in Urban Studies is supported through a variety of sources such as the Urban Studies Dissertation Research Grant and Travel to Conference awards, Graduate School Dissertation Fellowships, and Honorary Fellow Appointments.

Graduate Workshops and Colloquia

Workshops and colloquia include workshops given on publishing in academic journals, developing a CV, and writing a thesis or dissertation. Graduate Student colloquia are organized for students who receive research awards or are honorary fellows. TAs in the program also attend brown bag workshops on pedagogical issues.

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Titles of Student Master Theses and Dissertations

Note: Master’s papers (as opposed to Master’s theses) that are not catalogued in the library may be viewed in the Urban Studies office.