Urban Studies Majors enjoy both high salaries and satisfaction

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Urban Studies Majors earn an average mid-career salary of $77,400 a year.

Possible jobs with this major: Development associate, research assistant, regional planner, city planner, housing inspector

Early career pay: $46,900

Job Satisfaction: 58%

Source: University of Minnesota

Recent Urban Studies major grad, Trevor Jung, is the new Community Engagement Coordinator for Visioning Racine and was also appointed by the Mayor to the Planning Commission for the City of Racine.

Recent graduates of the major in Urban Studies work professionally in a variety of fields such as: Housing Rehabilitation Specialist at the City of Milwaukee Neighborhood Improvement Development Corporation; Planning Commissioner for City of Racine; Community Outreach Manager for Layton Blvd. West Neighbors in Milwaukee; Assistant Planner for the Milwaukee County Transit System; Community Organizer for the Northwest Community Development Corporation in Milwaukee; Assistant property manager NAI MLG; Special Projects Coordinator in the City of St. Francis Planning Office; Community Engagement Coordinator for Visioning Racine to name a few.  In addition, many graduates of the Urban Studies major have gone on to graduate studies in a variety of fields, from urban studies to urban planning to education to traditional social sciences programs, and have found positions outside the metropolitan Milwaukee area, such as one graduate who now works as a Data Visualization Developer in Austin, TX or a recent graduate who now works as the Public Space Coordinator for the Minneapolis, MN downtown Improvement District.

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