List of PhD Dissertations

Grad Date Dissertation Title
Summer 2023 How Effective Is Community-Engaged Research At Addressing Food Challenges? A Qualitative Examination Of Perspectives Of Academic And Community-Based Researchers
Spring 2023 Designing To (De) Concentrate: An Analysis of Poverty Deconcentration Goals In Qualified Allocation Plans.

Evaluating the Impact of Program Evaluations

Fall 2022 Reaching Non-work Destinations: Accessibility and Its Impacts on Travel Behavior
Summer 2022 Exploration of Older Adults’ Travel Behavior and Their Transportation Barriers
9/15/2021 Human Capital in the Knowledge of Economy: A 3-Country Case Study in Healthcare
5/17/2021 The Food Police: Food Stamps, Surveillance, and the Construction of the Undeserving Hungry
4/8/2019 Elements of Capacity in Hmong Community-Based Organizations
4/18/2018 Relationships and Support: A Qualitative Study of Homeless Families
8/25/2018 Project Central Voice: Assessing the Congruency between Milwaukee’s African American Perspectives and Community Development Block Grant Practices
4/25/2018 We Were the Outsiders and Treated as Such: Community Activism and the Intersections of Ethnicity, Gender, Class and Race among Latinas in Milwaukee

4/24/2018 Sheltering Opportunity: City Planning and Housing in Chicago, 1909-1941
4/20/2018 The Mothers of Family Place: The Role of Trust and Support Among Homeless-Mother Families
5/1/2017 Examining the Process of Social Construction on Decision-Making in Domestic Violence Probation Review Hearings
12/1/2016 School Selection Patterns Through the Lenses of Rational Choice Theory and Behavioral Econmonics Theory
5/1/2016 On a Foundation, Wide in Scope: The History of Mount Sinai Hosptial 1903-1987
5/1/2016 From Mosques and Coffeehouses to Squares and Cafes: The Production and Transformation of Political Public Spaces and Social Life in Modern Tehran
12/1/2015 Incorporation of Latino Police Officers into the Milwaukee Police Department: How a Group pf Latino Police Officers Shed the “Blue Shield” for a Latino Identity
8/6/2014 Assessing the Impact of an Incentivized Employee Wellness Program on Participation and Weight
5/1/2014 Elliniko Airport: Contested Politics and the Production of Urban Space in Athens, 1938-2014
8/7/2013 Impact of School Board Governance on Academic Achievement In Diverse States
5/1/2013 Margaret “Marty” Mann's Public Health Message: Transforming “Drunkards” Into “Deserving Patients” 1904-1980
5/1/2013 A Patient Deserving of Care: Margaret Mann and the Democratization of Alcoholism, 1904-1980
8/1/2012 Making the Invisible Visible: Examining the Schooling Experiences of High Achieving African American, Latina/o, and Mixed Race/Multi-Ethnis Urban High School Students
>5/1/2012 Popularization of Sustainable Urban Development: Chicago, Vancouver, and Marketing Environmental and Spatial Justice in an Era of Neoliberalism
12/1/2010 Foreign Investments and City Making in China: A Case Study in Yangtze River Delta
8/1/2010 Can Government Mandate Citizens' Voice?: A Case Study in Transportation Policy
8/1/2010 Analysis of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation's Strategies to Increase the Number of Disadvantaged Workers and Businesses on the Marquette Interchange Construction Project
8/11/2009 Missed Connections: The 'Progressive' Derailment of Public Transit in Metropolitan Milwaukee During the Electric Street Railway Era
5/1/2009 Critical Analysis of an Urban Research University Climate, Culture and Minority Faculty
5/1/2009 Chapter 220: The Compromise to Integrate
5/1/2008 Factors of Success: G.E.D. Programs and the Latino Students they Serve
5/1/2006 Tale of Two Cities: Public Library Development in Milwaukee and Montreal
5/1/2006 Still in Place: Housing and Neighborhood Experiences Among One City's Poor Mothers After Welfare's End
5/1/2006 From Socio-Educational Theory to Dynamics of Practice: The Evolution of The Nursery Education Voucher Scheme in Norfolk, England, 1995-1997
12/1/2005 Nonprofits, Privatization and the Institutional Context of Welfare Reform: An Ethnographic Study of a Settlement House Neighborhood Center
12/1/2004 School Choice and Urban Reform: A Case Study of Milwaukee's Parental Choice Program and Black Student Achievement
5/1/2004 Invisible Vietnamese: Ethnic Community and Assimilation in Milwaukee
5/1/2004 Diverse Community, Diverse Newspapers: How Milwaukee's Black Press Reflected its Diversity, 1968-2002
5/1/2004 Care Management in Complex Organizations: Intraorganizational Relationships and the Legitimization of Integrated Healthcare Delivery Systems
12/1/2003 Dissonant Faith: The Exodus of Reformed Dutch Churches From the South Side of Chicago
8/1/2003 HIV High-Risk African-American Women: Their Attitudes and Beliefs About Heterosexual Relationships
8/1/2002 African American Women Overcoming Discrimination: The Effects of Racial Identity, Social Support, and Self Esteem on Life Satisfaction
5/1/2002 The Milwaukee County General Assistance Medical Program (GAMP): A Policy Evaluation From the Patient's Perspective
12/1/2001 The Societal Impact of Needle Exchange Programs: A Meta-Analysis
5/1/2000 Historical Development and Effects of Affirmative Action on the City of Milwaukee Police Department
5/1/2000 The Promised Land: Socioeconomic Adjustment of the Hmong in Milwaukee, 1976-2000
12/1/1999 The Way Back Home: An Exploration of the Roots and Meaning of Natural Mothering
8/1/1999 Examining Patterns of Neighborhood Change in the City of Milwaukee, 1980-1990: An Ecological Approach
5/1/1999 Social Change and the Empowerment of the Poor: Poverty Representation in Milwaukee's Community Action Programs, 1964-1972
5/1/1998 Treatment of the Insane in Wisconsin: A Case Study of Two County Asylums, 1890-1933
5/1/1998 Vanishing Hope: Race, Politics and the Distribution of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Funds in Milwaukee, 1975-1997
5/1/1997 Doing Business in Minority Markets: Black and Korean Entrepreneurs in Chicago's Ethnic Beauty Aids Industry
5/1/1997 Towns and Town Administrators in Wisconsin
5/1/1997 Borders, Barriers and Ambassadors: A View of Economic Restructuring from Within the Private Sector
5/1/1997 Perceptions of Need: Politics, the Media and Water Policy in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1870-1995
5/1/1997 Peril and Promise of Nineteenth Century Child Protection: The Wisconsin Humane Society, 1879-1920
12/2/1996 “Armageddon” or Ambition? Theodore Roosevelt's Decision to Seek the Presidency in 1912: A Historiographic Essay
8/1/1996 Impact of Gender in the Mortgage Credit Market
5/1/1996 Fatal and Nonfatal Firearm Injury:  A Public Health Concern
5/1/1996 Investigation into the Relationship Between Municipal Police Residency Requirements, Professionalism, Economic Conditions and Equal Employment Goals
12/14/1995 Socioeconomic Distress in Milwaukee's African American Community, 1980-1990:  an Analysis of Selected Demographic Variables
12/1/1995 Creating Aspirations in School: A Comparative Study of Two Preadolescent Classrooms in an Urban Public School System
5/1/1995 Analysis of Historic Preservation and Planning Policy in Milwaukee, 1964-1994
5/1/1995 Signs of Hope and Struggle: Action Research in a Racially-Mixed Central City Church
12/1/1993 Macrolevel Examination of Cultural Competency Characteristics of Selected Health Care Institutions in the City of Milwaukee, 1989-1991
11/14/1992 Urbanization in Ethiopia: Pre and Post Revolution Experience
12/1/1991 Caring for the Older Parent
5/12/1991 Nursing: The Enactment of a Shared Reality
5/12/1991 Professional Adaptation: The Case of Nursing
5/1/1991 Milwaukee-Downer College: A Study in the History of Women and the History of Higher Education in America, 1851-1964
5/1/1991 Black Professional in Milwaukee: A Descriptive Analysis
5/1/1991 Role of State Government in Economic Development: An Analysis of the Wisconsin Strategic Development Commission
5/1/1991 Downtown Redevelopment. The Public-Private Partnership, and the Downtown Mall Solution: A Comparison of the Redevelopment Process in Minneapolis and Milwaukee
5/1/1991 US Hispanic Ethnogenesis and Socio-Political Mobilization
12/1/1990 Passing the Buck: The Process of Social Welfare Resource Allocation at the Local Level
12/17/1989 From Hospital to Home: Professional Plans and Patient Work
12/1/1989 No Margin, No Mission: Conflict, Commitment and Organizational Restructuring in a Catholic Hospital
12/1/1989 Who Will Bell the Cat?: The Social Control of Medical Error
5/1/1989 Implementation of DRG-Based Prospective Reimbursement: Health Care Providers' Response
12/1/1988 Small Business Philanthropy
12/1/1987 Employment and Training Policy Constraints and Issues: Recommendations for a National Policy and Implications for Milwaukee County
5/16/1987 Community Goals Projects
5/1/1987 Closure and Wisconsin Nursing: A Case Study of Entry into Practice
5/1/1987 Social Activism in United Methodist Local Churches
12/1/1986 Market Society of Greater Syrian Cities in the Later Middle Ages (150-1517)
5/1/1986 Health Service Utilization by the Elderly
8/1/1984 Residential Segregation of Spanish Origin Populations: A Study of Recent Trends in a Sample of US Cities
5/1/1984 Cross-Generational Analysis of Occupational Mobility Patterns and of the Determinants of Mobility for Blacks and Whites in Milwaukee 1960-1980: The Migration Legacy
8/1/1982 Ecocommunities: Toward an Ecosociology of Human Habitats in Transition
5/1/1982 Women in Municipal Management: Milwaukee Municipal Work Force
5/1/1982 The Historically Black College: Its Relevance as an Urban Educational Institution
5/1/1982 Urban Development and Quality of Life of the Elderly (Implications for Policy Development)
5/1/1981 Women's Work and Family Commitment
5/1/1981 Equal Opportunity Programs for Black Students in Public Urban Universities: A Case Study
5/1/1981 Puerto Rican Strategies for Survival: Work and Kinship Among Esperancenos in Milwaukee
1/1/1978 The Implementation of Federal Health Planning Policy