List of Master’s Theses

Grad Date Master’s Thesis or Paper Title
Summer 2023 The Chat: A Program to Support Black Male Mental Health

The Context and the Commissioner: The Effect of Milwaukee’s Health Commissioner’s Social, Cultural, and Historical Understanding of Milwaukee’s People During the Last Five Pandemics

Spring 2023 Black Autonomy as a for of Resistance and a Symbol of Rebellion: A Comparative Study of Milwaukee Bronzeville and Robbins, Illinois 1920-1970
Fall 2022 The Evergreen Challenges of Healing: An Evaluation of Urban Green Space in Harambee
Summer 2022 The Development of Do-It-Yourself Skateparks in Contemporary Urban Environments
Spring 2022 Neighborhood Library Modernization”: Public Library Expansion in Milwaukee during the 1960s and 1970s

White Resistance to Public School Integration in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Prince Edward County, Virginia

6/15/2021 Non-Negotiable: A Case Study of Implementing Antiracist Education in Two Milwaukee Suburban K-12 School Districts
5/3/2021 Bottom-Up Understanding of Informal Settlements: Perspectives of Urban Slum Dwellers in Nima Ghana
4/26/2021 Milwaukee’s Unequally Gendered Commemorative Street Names (1920-2021)
5/8/2020 Locust Street in Riverwest: How do Commercial Stakeholders Perceive Locust Street?
4/21/2020 Intersectional Experiences of Violence: Studying the Serial Murder of 16 Men and Boys in Milwaukee, 1987-1991
4/21/2020 Transportation Network Company (TNC) Ridehailing Travel Patterns in Chicago’s Economically Disconnected Areas
4/24/2020 Family Separation and Incarceration: An Intersectional Analysis of the Carceral System
5/11/2020 A Case Study of Citizen Participatory Planning within the Milwaukee Choice Neighborhood Initiative
3/30/2020 Redistributing Resources: Henry Maier, the Wisconsin Alliance of Cities and the Movement to Modify Wisconsin’s State Shared Revenues
8/26/2019 How an Organization Originated by Grassroots Organizing Deploys its Experienced Grassroots Volunteers and Career Professional Volunteers: Examination of the Origins of and Volunteering at the Hunger Task Force
5/7/2019 Foxconn and Its 4.5 Billion Dollar Incentive Package: An Economic Development Conflict Analysis
4/29/2019 Transit-Oriented Development and the Implications for Equitable Development: A Case Study of the Milwaukee Streetcar
6/11/2018 Measured Expectations: An Examination of Urban Agriculture Development and Operations in Milwaukee, WI
6/4/2018 The invisible Crisis: Framing the Remediation of Milwaukee’s Lead Laterals
5/1/2018 Fourth Wave Student Development: Constructing Student Affairs-Driven Spaces That Deliver Knowledge and Tools for Effecting Social Change
12/1/2017 Resourcing Communities in a Neo-Liberal, Climate Changed World: A Triple Bottom Line Analysis of Entrepreneural Urban Agriculture in Milwaukee
12/1/2017 Revitalizing Vacant Homes and Properties Through Homeownership: A Case Study in Sherman Park
5/16/2017 Disability, Privatization, and Space: Mental Healthcare in Milwaukee County in Neoliberal Times
5/16/2017 Who Cares? Lived Experiences of Home Care Aides in Milwaukee
5/1/2017 The New Jim Crow in the North: Local Perspectives on Mass Incarceration, Wisconsin and Milwaukee
5/1/2017 Racial Integration and Institutional Change, 1965 – 1971; A Case Study of UW-Milwaukee’s Human Relations Institute, Center for Afro-American Culture and Spanish Speaking Ourtreach Institute
12/1/2016 Perceptions of Class and Race in Hiring for Low Income Jobs
5/1/2016 Addressing Environmental Hazards at Day Care Centers Through the Bord of Zoning Appeals Process in the City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin
5/1/2016 Get a Lot Less for Less: Evaluation of the $1 Vacant Lot Pilot Program in Milwaukee’s 15th Aldermanic District
5/1/2016 Freeway Removal in Milwaukee: Three Case Studies
5/1/2016 Grassroots and Community Activism Within Milwaukee’s Black Community: A Response to Central City Renewal and Revitalization Efforts in the Walnut Street Area, 1960s to 1980s
8/7/2015 What Does a Successful Immigrant’Refugee Community Engagement Model Look Like and What Does this Mean for Communities with a Growing Karen Population?
5/16/2015 Milwaukee’s Ethnic Festivals: Creating Ethnic-American Heritage for Urban Ethnic Tourism
12/1/2014 Miller Park: An Economic Development Project
12/1/2014 Gentrification Rhetoric in the Digital Age: Portrayals of Gentrification in Chicago's Pilsen Neighborhood
5/27/2014 Milwaukee, WI: “The Harvard of Pimp Schools”?
5/21/2014 Globalization, Cosmopolitanism, and the New Generations: Growing Up with Global Ties
5/12/2014 Wisconsin Works (W-2) Employment Outcomes: An Evaluation of the Effects of Contract Changes in Milwaukee County
5/1/2014 The (Rail) Road Not Traveled: The Failure of the KRM Commuter Rail Proposal in Greater Milwaukee, WI
12/1/2013 An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Increased Judicial Oversight and Court Ordered Batterer Intervention Programing in Milwaukee County Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Cases: Preliminary Findings
8/7/2013 Effect of Urban Fortification on Public Space
5/1/2013 New Urbanism as Redevelopment Scheme: New Urbanism's Role in Revitalization of Downtown Milwaukee
8/1/2012 Never Stop Working: Examining the Life and Activism of Howard Fuller
6/1/2012 Hegemonic Crisis and Urban Unrest: The case if December 2008 in Greece
5/20/2012 Wealth-based Service Inequalities and Milwaukee's Business Improvement Districts
5/20/2012 All Pull Together: Evaluating Collaboration in Milwaukee's Harambee Great Neighborhood Initiative
5/20/2012 Blue Bird, Black Bird: Construction Unions and Identity in the New Economy
12/1/2011 Well City Milwaukee: A Qualitative Approach Looking at an Interorganizational Collaboration
8/1/2011 Historical and National Connections: Industrial Milwaukee and the Current Subprime Mortgage Crisis
8/1/2011 Shifting Gears: Changing Urban Transportation Policy in Milwaukee Despite the Existing Urban Power Structure, 1943-2010
5/1/2011 The Data Center as a Spatial Data Provider to Milwaukee Community Organizations
12/1/2010 Green Burial: Insights from Industry Practitioners and Popular Media
5/1/2010 An Analysis of Lending Discrimination in Milwaukee: Before and After the Housing Crash
12/1/2009 Non-Urgent Pediatric Emergency Department Visits: A Qualitative Analysis of Caregiver and Physician Perspectives
11/1/2009 Social Outcomes of Selected Brownfield Redevelopments in the Brewers Hill/Harambee Neighborhood in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
8/1/2009 “The Winds of Change” In the Neighborhood: The Economic Impact of Milwaukee Habit for Humanity's Development Strategy
7/29/2009 From Marriage to Divorce in the Suburbs: How are Single Mothers Explaining their Life Changes?
5/1/2009 Reindustrialization of Brownfield Areas: An Examination of Corridor Level Developments in the Midwest United States
5/1/2009 The Creation and Evolution of the New Hope Project
8/1/2008 Beyond Bricks and Mortar: An Evolution of the Social Buy-In of Main Street Milwaukee's Grassroots, Community Driven Revitalization Program
8/1/2008 Combating the Growth Machine: A Case Study of the Redevelopment of Milwaukee’s Park East Coordinator and the Good Jobs and Livable Neighborhoods Coalition
5/1/2008 The Revitalization of Urban Commercial Districts in Milwaukee: Measuring the Impact of Business Improvement Districts
5/1/2008 The Practice of Natural Medicine Within The Milwaukee Hmong Community
4/21/2008 Conflicts and Challenges in a Collaborative Urban Neighborhood Development Planning Process
5/1/2007 A New Community Investment Model: Sherman Park Neighborhood Investment Cooperative
5/1/2007 What's Fair? Accessibility and Playing the System: Policy Research on Milwaukee's Disabled Parking Meter Regulations, and Exploring the Philadelphia Model.
5/1/2007 The Examination of Video Surveillance: A Case Study of Pineville's Surveillance Camera System
12/1/2006 The Ivory Loft: “Creative” Space and Cultural Significance in Amenity-Based Redevelopment Strategies
5/1/2006 Milwaukee's Public Housing Puzzle: Applying Urban Regime Theory to Explain Public Housing Failure During the Frank Zeildler Administration, 1948-1960.
5/1/2006 The Impacts of Urban Universities on Neighborhood Housing Values
5/1/2006 Removing the Roadblocks to Neighborhood Revitalization: A Survey of Milwaukee's Approach to Residential Vacant & Abandoned Properties
5/1/2006 The February 2000 U.S. Leather Shutdown & Its Effects on the Employees of Pfister & Vogel and A.L. Gebhardt Tanneries
12/1/2005 Alcohol and the Workplace: Working Class Consumption, Problems and Cultural Support for Drinking
5/1/2005 2005 Substance Abuse Prevention Plan: Knocking Out Substance Abuse in our Community
5/1/2005 North Meadows the Making of a Suburban Slum in the City of Milwaukee
12/1/2004 An Evaluation of the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office Southside Community Prosecution Unit
8/16/2004 Condominiums in the City of Milwaukee: An Historical Analysis
5/20/2004 Erving Goffman's Sociology of the Body
12/1/2003 Maintenance or Transition? Urban History and Bilingual Education in Milwaukee and Waukesha
12/1/2003 The Church and Social Justice in South Africa: From Apartheid to Current Issues
8/1/2003 A Historical Analysis of Historic Mitchell Street and Goldmann's as the Anchor Store
5/6/2003 The Functions of Analogy in Social Scientific Theory Construction: An Examination of the Theories of Herbet Spencer, Emile Durkheim and the Human Ecologists
5/1/2003 Athens a Globalizing City?
1/1/2003 Problem Housing and Property Information Networks
5/2/2002 Summary of a Training Experience: The UWM-South African Capacity Building in Student Development and Student Leadership in Tertiary Education 1994-1996
5/1/2002 The Effects of Changing Demographics on Nonprofit Housing Developers in Milwaukee, 1990-2000
12/1/2001 Culturally Relevant Teaching Practices and Their Potential Impact on Urban Students
8/1/2001 A Car Salesman and a White Elephant Brewing up Trouble in Milwaukee They Mythical Promises of Publicly Subsidized Major League Baseball Stadiums and the Reality
5/1/2001 The Politics of Affordable Housing in Washington County
8/12/2000 From Gang Member to Church Member Breaking the Cycle of Defeat
8/1/2000 Residential Development in Downtown Milwaukee: If You Build it, Will They Come?
8/1/2000 The Over-Representation of African American Children in Milwaukee County Foster Care System
5/1/2000 The Over-Representation of African American Children in Milwaukee County Foster Care System
5/1/2000 Immigration from Sub-Saharan Africa to the United States during the 1990's
12/1/1999 Addressing Lead Poisoning Issues in Milwaukee's Hmong Community: A Gis Analysis
5/13/1999 Analysis of a Collaboration: EPIC
5/1/1999 Planning as a Tool for Controlling Growth: Impacts, Challenging & Benefits
1/5/1999 Informational Mode of Development and the New Urban Poor
8/1/1998 The Community Reinvestment Act: An Examination of Lending Activity in the Milwaukee Metropolitan Area, 1996.
5/1/1998 Forging Alliances: A Historical and Contemporary Examination of Social Movement Unionism as it Relates to the Milwaukee County Labor Council and Campaign for a Sustainable Milwaukee
5/1/1997 Determinants to the Success of Milwaukee’s Enterprise Community Program
12/1/1996 The Health Coverage Availability and Affordability Act of 1996
12/1/1996 Comparative Analysis of Prohibition and Mandatory Minimum Penalties for Federal Crack Cocaine Defendants
8/8/1996 The Changing Role of Education and it's Role in Welfare
8/1/1996 An Analysis of Conservative Assumptions in the Welfare Reform Debate: A Wisconsin Case Study
5/1/1996 “Arab-American Women: Old World Mentalities Face New World Realities”
5/1/1996 Geographic Information System Program Management and Implementation
5/1/1996 The New Urbanism Paradox: Perception and Reality: An Analysis of Planning Initiatives in Portland, Seattle and Toronto
12/1/1995 Historic Origins and Contemporary Realties of Racial Disparity in Milwaukee's Mortgage Lending Market: 1930's to Present
12/1/1995 A Case Study of the Introduction of a Computerized Information System Into a Health Care Agency
8/1/1995 An Analysis of Community Development Corporations and their Networks
8/1/1995 Health Care Reform and Integrated Healthcare Delivery Systems With a Special Focus on Racine, Wisconsin
5/2/1995 The Benefit Alliance: How a “Successful” Group Purchasing Coalition Began and Why
5/1/1995 Arson and Poor Neighborhoods: A Lethal Combination
5/1/1995 Black Participation in Milwaukee county Circuit Court Races, 1980-1995: An Exploratory Case Study
12/1/1994 Tilting at Windmills: The U.S. Taxpayers Party
8/16/1994 Who Stays, Who Leaves: Hispanic Women at a Single-Sex College
5/2/1994 The Effects of Isolation, Economic Deprivation, and Social Disorganization on the Rates of Expressive and Instrumental Homicide in Smaller Midwestern Central Cities
12/7/1993 Reducing the Prevalence of Adolescent Smoking in Wisconsin Through Comprehensive Policy Interventions
11/14/1993 Developing Commercial Recycling in Waukesha County, Wisconsin
5/10/1993 Mortgage Lending Practices and Community Reinvestment Act Compliance in Milwaukee
8/1/1992 The Cultural Specificity of Anglo-American Conceptualizations of Gentrification
5/1/1992 The Push-Pull Motor of Mexican Migration to the United States: The Latin Survival and Promulgation of the American Dream
5/1/1992 The spatial Distribution of the Hotel/Motel Industry in Milwaukee County: 1960-1990
12/1/1991 Limited Centralization of a Metropolitan Enforcement Group: A Case Study
1/1/1991 Community Schools: A Model for Economic Development in the City of Milwaukee
12/1/1989 Reaching All Elderly Who Need Assistance
12/1/1989 Who Will Bell the Cat?: The Social Control of Medical Error
5/1/1989 Older Women, Pensions, Demographics and the Caregiver
5/1/1989 The Potential for Extended Specialized Transportation Services in the Milwaukee-Waukesha County Service Environment
4/20/1988 A Summary and Analysis of the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986; Accompanied by a Description of Duties at the Congressional Office of Gerald D. Kleczka
2/23/1988 The State Government and Tax Reeducations to Promote Economic Development and Improve Business Climate
10/1/1987 Shortage in Public Housing
4/27/1987 “Freestanding Emergency Care Centers- A New Convince” “An Inquiry Into Alzheimer's Disease and Health Policy Implications” “The IMD Explosion-Issues and Impact”
12/1/1986 Planning for Economic Development in a Changing World
12/1/1986 Development Concepts in Developed and Developing Countries: A Tripartite Synthesis for Strategic Development in Cameroon
5/1/1986 The Urbanization and Decentralization Process of Mexico City
12/6/1982 Impact of Evaluation of the CR-SDC Weatherization Program
5/1/1982 An Analysis of Student Assistance Programs Under the Reagan Administration
5/1/1982 A Critical Analysis of Forrester's Urban Model
11/24/1980 The Impact of School Desegregation on the Distribution of School Resources
5/1/1980 Welfare: A Case Study of the Emerging Need for Specialized Transportation
5/1/1980 Evaluating Housing Rehabilitation: An Application to the Sherman Park Plan
5/1/1980 Policy Decisions and the Human Services System: An Examination of the Delivery of Social Services
10/1/1979 Community Coherence: The Self Governance of Neighborhoods and Communities
5/1/1979 Milwaukee's Urban Homesteading Program
12/1/1978 The Effect of HMO Structure on Utilization of Hospital Services
12/1/1978 Downtowns Have Turned Around
9/1/1978 Public Policy Analysis” Reorganization of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Sewerage District Government
9/1/1978 Help for the Elderly
5/19/1978 A Case Study of the Attempt to Convert University of Wisconsin System Academic Staff Positions to Classified Service “The Great Nutshell Game” A Paradigm in Change Strategy
5/1/1978 Cityward Migrants in Alagados
2/1/1978 The Decline of Community in Working Class Neighborhoods
1/1/1978 Building Alternative Urban Institutions: Prospects for Intentional Communities
12/1/1977 The Well-Beaten Path: A Theory of Black Migrating and Clustered Residential Patterns
12/3/1976 Involving the Citizen in the Decision Making Process in Milwaukee: A Case Study
9/1/1976 Action Line as a Method of Political Participation
8/1/1976 A Year With the Tri County Employment and Training Consortium: The Reflections of a Novice Social Planner in a novel Situation
8/1/1976 Cluster Analysis of Shorewood
6/1/1976 Transportation Investment Model
4/27/1976 My Role in Helping One Agency Prepare for Accreditation
1/1/1976 A Study of the Factors of Community Development With Emphasis on Leadership, Citizen Participation and Major Federal Legislation Since 1964
1/1/1976 Social Network and Social Exchange Theories and Useable Tools fo the Educational and Investigator: The Identification and Verification of Life Experience Learning's
12/1/1975 Advocacy Planning and the Consumer Interest
12/1/1975 Brown Deer internship
12/1/1975 The Question of Neighborhood Stabilization: The Case of Sherman Park
8/1/1975 A Comparative Analysis of the Condominium as a Suitable Housing Form
7/14/1975 An Intern's View: The Center for Community Leadership Development and it's Paried New Town Out-Of-Town Efforts
5/1/1975 A History of the 1967 Milwaukee Riot and an Analysis of its Possible Causes
5/1/1975 The Proposed Use of a Matrix Organization in the Wisconsin Council on Criminal Justice Project at Jewish Vocational Services
1/6/1975 Action Project
1/1/1975 The Relationship of Teacher Personality Variables to Models of Early Education
12/1/1974 Washington County's Foster Care Program Service Delivery Capabilities
8/1/1974 An Inquiry Into the Factors Affecting Achievement Test Scores in Black Elementary Schools in Milwaukee
8/1/1974 Potentials for Community Development in the Black Ghetto: A Brief Case Study
7/6/1974 Wisconsin Legislative and Research Committee: A Case Study
6/1/1974 The Union Management Process
4/1/1974 Citizen Participation in a Community Action Agency: The Community Relations-Social Development Commission in Milwaukee County
6/10/1973 The Dual Labor Market and Manpower Policy
6/1/1973 Planning Theory and Social Inequality: An Examination of Powerless and Strategies for Change in Modern Society
5/1/1973 The Community Organization Strategies of Jesus
5/1/1973 Action Programs and Proposals
12/1/1972 The 27th Street People's Free Health Center: A Case Study of a Free Clinic
11/1/1972 An Analysis of Commercial Needs of the Midtown Conservation Project and Surrounding Area
8/1/1972 The 1970 City of Milwaukee Employee Survey