Urban Studies Graduate Awards

Dissertation Research Grant Award

This award is intended to help support dissertation research by providing monetary assistance to cover research expenses. Awards may be up to $2,000. All awardees will have the expectation that they present on their research at a USP colloquium during the same academic year that they receive research funds, and to provide a short summary and progress report for the USP newsletter and website. Award decisions are made in April. Recipients will be publicly recognized at the Student Research Forum. A reminder to apply and application information is sent to students in early February.

Award Recipients

2018-19 – Katheryn Kocisky

  • Title: The 21st Century Linear Park: Sustainable Solution or Environmental Injustice?

Previous Years

2018-19 – Katheryn Kocisky

2015-16 – Meghan McDonald Carlson & Shuayee Ly (two award winners)

2013-14 – Jennifer Cadenas

2012-13 – Michael Ford

2010-11 – Michele Radi

2010-11 – Karen Moore

2009-10 – Michael Lorr

2009-10 – Qiang Zhou