Teams Calling Project Update

Phase 1: Individual Phone Numbers
In June of 2020, the Calling feature was added to Microsoft Teams for UWM faculty and staff. This was the first step in a major telephony project for UWM – uniting all communication tools under one platform (Microsoft 365) and migrating our telephone numbers to Microsoft Teams.

In August 2020 we completed the first phase of this initiative, migrating individual phone numbers from our current landline phone system (Centrex) to Microsoft Teams. An individual phone number refers to a direct number assigned to an employee at UWM. This number would be the phone number someone would call to speak to a specific employee directly or leave a voicemail.

Phase 2: Shared Phone Numbers
The Fall 2020 semester was spent collecting data regarding shared phone numbers and their usage across campus. A shared phone number refers to a number that reaches a group of individuals or a department/location. This could include a phone number shared by multiple employees, the front desk for a department, a reception area, or a phone tree. We have now started phase 2 of the project – migrating shared phone numbers to Microsoft Teams.

A detailed approach is being taken during this phase; IT professionals are working area-by-area to ensure shared numbers are carefully reviewed. With that in mind, here are a few things to note about the current project phase:

  • IT professionals are working directly with areas/departments across campus to identify shared numbers and coordinate migrations.
  • This does not mean that every shared number in each area will be migrated at the same time. Data is constantly being collected and shared numbers are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  • This detailed process allows UWM to identify and disconnect any unused phone numbers and successfully move shared numbers to Teams.
  • All phone number migrations are coordinated through AT&T and we are dependent on their timelines. All information will be shared directly with those areas that are impacted.

This phase of the project requires a large amount of collaboration and communication across UWM. As we move forward, we will continue to address any individual phone numbers that are identified and work with impacted faculty and staff. IT professionals are still investigating conference rooms, labs, and Iwatsu phone systems. Those phone lines will be further reviewed and addressed in a later phase of the project. IT professionals will continue to reach out directly to areas to review their phone numbers and usage. After details are finalized and confirmed, direct communication will continue, and the area will be informed of any migrations.

This is an ongoing effort and we appreciate the patience and collaboration across the many areas and departments of UWM. If you would like to learn more about the Teams Calling Project please visit our webpage: