The Teams Project

This year UWM will be transitioning all individual UWM phone numbers to Microsoft Teams. UWM faculty and staff already have access to Teams through Office 365 and this summer the calling feature will be rolled out.

This project has been underway for some time, but with the 2019 announcement of the retirement of Skype for Business, IT professionals across UWM have been testing out Teams to ensure we are ready for deployment.

In summer of 2020 UWM faculty and staff will receive a Teams phone number. Subsequent phases of the project will address departmental/shared phones and call center phones.

Why Teams?

  • This is a digital transformation for UWM – the biggest and most cutting edge technology project to-date. We are taking the next step in technology to ensure faculty and staff can use a single platform for all their work needs.
  • Teams allows faculty and staff at UWM to have their own phone number and access to key calling features, such as voicemail.

Help & Resources

Interactive Teams Calls Checklist

Are you ready for Teams Calls? Check out the Interactive Teams Calls Checklist to see what you need to do to be prepared.

Teams Calls Training

Visit the UWM TechTraining Online Training site for online Teams Calls training opportunities! Learn the basics of Teams Calls such as settings, answering a call, one click-dialing, voicemail setup and more.

Download Teams Calls training manuals:

Teams Calls Demo

Want to see Teams Calls in action? Watch this demo to see all the features of Teams Calls (approx 10 mins).

UWM KnowledgeBase Teams Calling Resources for Admin Assistants

This UWM KnowledgeBase article links to various Microsoft resources covering features of Teams Calling used by administrative assistants when managing someone else’s phone. Topics include setting up a delegate, call forwarding and in-call features.

Download the course manual:
Microsoft Teams: Calls for Admin Assistants

Device Options

To use the Calling features in Teams, you must have a microphone and speakers. Some computers may have these built in (such as many laptops) and for computers that do not, you will need to use other devices.

If you do not have the necessary equipment to use Teams Calls and need a headset, you can reserve a headset by filling out the Teams Headset Reservation Form.

If you are using your own headphones, it depends on the device if they will be compatible with Teams Calls. If you have questions about device compatibility, please contact the UWM Help Desk at 414-229-4040 or visit

There are additional recommended device options (including a desk phone and wireless option) that areas can purchase with departmental funds at the UWM TechStore located in the Teams Devices section.

Teams Resources

For more information about using Teams, please visit the What’s Teams? page. This page has many resources including Quick Guides, an online demo, UWM KnowledgeBase articles and online tutorials.

Phone Use Cases
Faculty or Staff Use CaseResult
Currently do not have a University-provided individual phone numberYou will receive a Teams phone number
Have a University-provided individual phone numberYou will receive a temporary Teams phone number and your individual phone number will be migrated to Teams later this summer
Use a phone number shared with multiple people or departmental phone number (such as a front desk phone number)You will receive a Teams phone number; the shared or department phone number will stay active until the next phase of this project
Have a University-provided cell phoneYou will receive a Teams phone number in addition to your University-provided cell phone

If you have questions about Teams Calling or the project please review our FAQ page: