New Digital Identity Experience – Nov 15

A unified digital identity experience is coming to UWM!  

On Monday, November 15, 2021, when you log into UWM services you will be prompted to enter information to complete your transition to this new digital identity experience.  

Your digital identity at UWM is made up of three parts, your username, password, and multi-factor authentication. The combined use of these three items ensures the security of your account at UWM. 

What’s Changing? 

As part of this implementation, there will be updates to password management, more consistency between IT systems, and a campus-wide transition to Microsoft for multi-factor authentication. This means: 

  • All account users will have self-service password recovery 
  • Almost all accounts will have multi-factor authentication 
  • Higher levels of security; reduced chance for identity theft & compromised accounts 

As part of this new experience, faculty and staff will be transitioning from Duo Security to Microsoft MFA. This change offers UWM the opportunity to have a single platform for all accounts that integrates within our Microsoft 365 environment. Microsoft offers more authentication methods such as text messages, mobile app, alternative email, and security questions. This will also allow the creation and distribution of universal resources for all.    

This will be a large and impactful change for UWM and more information and resources will be shared with the campus soon. The new digital identity experience will be implemented over the weekend of November 12 and become fully operational on Monday, November 15, 2021. In addition, IT staff will be communicating directly with different types of account holders across campus to provide more details on how the change impacts them individually and to share the resources they might need.  

Information on the new Digital Identity Experience can be found here: