Illegal File Sharing: Don’t Do It

How harmless can downloading the newest blockbuster be? Well, it can be quite a bit more expensive than a movie ticket.

When media is produced and sold, it is protected by copyright law and cannot be copied, reproduced, or resold without the permission of its creators. If you download media without paying for it and the file has been copyrighted or distribute media that has been copyrighted without the permission of the copyright holder, you are sharing the file illegally. Groups like the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) pay organizations to gather information from the internet to identify where files are being shared illegally.

As UWM is a large school with many students living and working in the same place, there is a high probability that some form of illegal file sharing will happen using our WiFi network. Because of this, these organizations frequently monitor our traffic, and, unfortunately, if they request someone’s information, UWM is legally obligated to give it to them.

So, what can happen if you get caught?

All that and more can happen if you get caught illegally downloading or sharing copyrighted materials. Visit our illegal file sharing FAQ page to find answers to any other questions you may have.