Limited Supply of Webcams available to Faculty & Staff

UWM has acquired a limited supply of USB webcams that can be supplied to faculty and staff who require them for University business. You can request to pick up a webcam from one of UWM’s three campuses using the form at the link below.

Be advised supplies are extremely limited. Webcams are difficult to buy due to high demand from remote workers. Webcams will be distributed to those who most need them while supplies last. Before requesting a webcam, please consider the following:

  • Does your work computer have a built-in webcam you can use? Most laptops, tablets, and all-in-one style desktops have an integrated webcam. If you already have access to a webcam, please try to arrange to use it.
  • Do you need video capabilities for your work? If you need only audio, you can request a Teams headset instead. Headsets are available in greater supply than webcams.

If you would like to request a webcam, please submit the Request Webcam Reservation for Pickup form. If you are eligible and supplies are available, you will be contacted to arrange picking up a webcam from your preferred UWM campus location.