July Updates from Microsoft

Microsoft has been working on adding new features that enhance Microsoft Teams for remote work and distance learning. This month, there is a focus on features that will enhance virtual interactions – making them more engaging with a strong emphasis on staying connected with others. For more information on the features listed below, please review Microsoft’s recent update.

As new features are rolled out they will be included in future IT News updates and instructions on how to use them will be provided.

Here are a few features that are coming soon:

  • Together Mode: new technology that places meeting participants in a shared background, making it look and feel as though you are all in the same place.
    microsoft teams together mode coffee shop
  • Video Filters: Before joining a meeting you can use filters to subtly adjust lighting levels and soften the focus of the camera.
    An animated image of background filters.
  • Live reactions: As non-verbal cures can sometimes be hard to see in virtual meetings (head nods, smiles, etc.) this feature will allow you to use emojis to react live in a meeting.
    An animated image of Live reactions.

If you have any questions regarding Microsoft Teams, please contact the UWM Help Desk at 414-229-4040 or visit uwm.edu/helpdesk.