Information Technology Purchasing

If you would like to procure an information technology service, whether hosted in the cloud or in our data centers, submit the purchase request form as soon as possible.  

Professionals in Information Technology and Procurement areas have a series of reviews to conduct to perform a successful procurement and the activities can span several weeks to several months depending on the cooperation from outside vendors.

Some items to consider if you are researching or shopping for information technology services or products: 

  • Check to see if UWM has a service available that provides the capabilities you are looking for by searching or browsing the IT service catalog. A business case or justification will be required for any new service or product that duplicates capabilities we already have in the IT service catalog. These requests will also require additional approvals before a successful procurement.  
  • We must comply with all the University of Wisconsin System information security policies and standards, and sometimes vendors are not responsive to requests that enable us to perform these reviews. Large enterprises typically are more responsive than small vendors; if it seems like the company is operating out of someone’s basement, you may want to find another vendor.
  • All procurements over $5000 must go through UWM’s Procurement Office purchasing process and will require more activities before a successful procurement.  

We want to help you leverage technology that solves problems or improves practices and procedures at UWM. If you know what you want to purchase, submit the purchase request form right away. If you are not sure if something we already have could meet your needs, contact the UWM Help Desk to get connected to an IT professional to discuss more.