Campus Fiber Project is Completed

On June 30 network technicians began installing new fiber-optic lines on the UWM Kenwood Campus. This critical work on UWM’s network infrastructure is now completed! 

This is the largest infrastructure change that UWM has experienced in nearly a decade. The completion of this project puts in place the foundation to support follow-on projects to upgrade network equipment to modern standards.   

The new fiber optic cabling allows the campus network to reach its full potential, which includes: 

  • Increasing the speed that supports modern applications – this includes those required for distance learning services.
  • Updating the campus network topology – new physical cabling and the increased capacity and paths allow for more resiliency and flexibility in future network designs.
  • Upgrading the core switching infrastructure – Replacement of core connections will remove some of the worst bottlenecks on the network, as well as support ongoing network modernization with a focus on increased reliability, bandwidth, and service automation. 

Please note: Network infrastructure for the Norris Health Center and UWM Union (currently under construction) will be worked on at a later date.