Resolution 2020: The Tomorrow Project


Come explore how the 2020 DVC seniors imagine what Milwaukee can be through equity centered design!

Every year, the Design & Visual Communication seniors host an event to showcase their BFA Exhibition projects and celebrate their completion of the UW-Milwaukee design program. Due to COVID-19, the 2020 BFA Exhibition projects are displayed online. Transitioning to this online experience was a huge undertaking for students who spent half of the semester preparing for an in-person exhibition. Through collaboration, communication, and heart, we came together to bring you this unique digital experience.

Thank you for supporting the UW-Milwaukee Senior Design & Visual Communication students.

The Tomorrow Project

A Tribute to Adream Blair, Beloved Colleague

“Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence in your Shoe”- On my wedding day I glued a sixpence to my shoe gifted to me from Adream. A gift I will cherish and remember for the rest of my life. On the day of her surgery, I collected some love notes from students to send as much love and positivity her way, because that is what she did for the people around her. I signed it xoxoxoxoxooxox forever, Maddy. I don’t know if she ever read the message, but I’m still sending her the same love and positivity, and I know she’s sending it right back.”

“Adream always encouraged us to get crazy with our design work and not to hold back. She brought so much joy, positivity, and compassion into the classroom every single day. Although we had classes right after hers, we would hang out with Adream in her classroom until the second we had to leave. I will never forget our class held at Stone Creek, our Secret Santa, or our final hug before summer break. She truly cared about building relationships, and is the reason for the incredible friendships I’ve made in the DVC program. She was, and continues to be, a mentor, role model, and friend to us all.”

“I only had Adream as an instructor for one semester. I knew going into this class that I was going to be encouraged to truly express my creativity and be pushed to be better than I was before. I’ve had many conversations with Adream but the last one was the most memorable. She told me that I was intelligent and could do anything I set my mind to and whatever that was, I was going to be great at it. Those were her last words to me. Her integrity to her students always showed and didn’t go unappreciated. And still to this day, I’ve never had a design instructor like Adream. Her actions were just as strong and honest as her words.” – Jojo W.

“Adream was someone who went above and beyond her duty as a professor. Not only did she exceed her role of teaching, but she went out of her way to build relationships with her students that went beyond design. She challenged everyone to try new things, to go outside of their comfort zone, and to be courageous. She wanted to be friends with everyone in her classroom, not just a professor. My favorite memories with her involve staying after class and talking about stuff like our mutual love for Wu-Tang Clan, the time she met David Byrne, and how I needed to include way more stuff in my process books. She completely changed the way I think about design and continues to be one of my strongest role models to this day.” – Gabe

“Adream was incredibly insightful. I never had the pleasure of having her as a professor all semester, but she did come in and sub for my Intro to Design class a few times when my professor was unable to show. I remember being really nervous about my project, and about joining design school in general. She came in on a critique day, and had a full on conversation with me after class for about thirty minutes, walking me through some new ideas or new steps, all while encouraging me to feel proud of myself and my work. She was a beam of light.”

“I felt a genuine friendship in Adream. I had the privilege to take her courses back to back during my junior year, where we would frequently recommend each other books, music, and design inspiration. Her youthful essence never escaped her. She was incredibly compassionate towards all of us students and it felt like she had our backs. I think thats why so many of us found a friend in Adream.”

“Adream was a one of a kind individual, and played such a big role in my life for the short time I knew her. She quickly became not only someone I looked up to professionally, but someone I valued as a friend. Adream took the time to get to know her students and find out what makes each of us, us. It was that quality that made Adream different from the rest. I miss Adream each and every day, but if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have made some of my best friends and for that I am forever thankful. She encouraged us all to meet up outside of just the classroom, telling us stories about the things she used to do when she was in design school! So we did, and if it wasn’t for her push I probably wouldn’t have the amazing support I have in my life now.” – Jess