Resolution 2016: Flux

For Resolution 2016: Flux, students were challenged to develop a researchable question that could be answered by design. Students were encouraged to collaborate with members within the local community to identify a problem and solve it through research, testing and highly refined prototyping. Finally students were charged with creating a public presentation of their work and portfolios at the BFA Exhibition in Design at Kenilworth Square Studios.



Adream Blair
Kim Beckmann
Amy Decker
Max Estes
Robert Grame
Lisa Moline
Jason (Jake) Stroeh
Jacob Adamczak
Dylan Annoye
Mike Baker
John Behn III
Nathan Benz
Lauren Braier
Elizabeth Cook
Taylor Dekker
Jazmin Delgado
Kirsten Engen
Hannah Evans
Shauna Fowler
Hannah Gareau
Nicole Gorman
Braeden Harris
Stephanie Hutchinson
Colin Kirchner
Austin Lodge
Myranda Lope
Dylan Neinas
Sheldon Noel
Tessa Norman
Sanne Overgaard
Alex Pera
Victoria Peters
Karaka Singh
Ashley Steinberg
Lee Xiong
Meg Zimont