Resolution 2015

We all started the Design and Visual Communications program at the Peck School of the Arts for different reasons. We all came from different backgrounds, with different skills and ideas. Now that time has come to a close as we take what we have learned to make a new path for ourselves.

As designers we are ready for this moment. All those sleepless nights and hopeless days made us stronger as designers and individuals. May we all find success in every aspect of our lives as we move forward.




Kat Johnson
Whitney Anderson
Elizabeth Allen
Heather Hinkes
Lindsay Loechler
Tisha Hang
Nick Davis
Dan Caven
Alyssa Weis
Tina Molitor
Meg Clementz
Betsy Christensen
Zach Paget
John Koerner
Leslie Witte
Bianca Brandolino
Sara Eusch
Katy Martin
Kaivahn Sarkaratpour
Joseph Kotlan
Chelsea Bobula
Eric Schoen
Jenny Yang
Rachel Perlberg
Callie Coleman
Jonah Spaay
Joe Massanisso
Lindsey Hynek
Robert Vela
Vincent Kanack
Josh Vandenavond
Adream Blair
Kim Beckmann
Maria Bolivar
Amy Decker
Max Estes
Robert Grame
Tamara Johnston
Justin Kunesh
Lisa Moline
Jason (Jake) Stroeh