Rave Guardian is a mobile safety app that connects students, faculty, and staff directly with University Police resources through texting, confidential tips, location sharing, a call directory and a safety/resource content portal. The app also contains helpful safety information and a call directory to keep users a fingers tap away from campus safety resources.

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24/7, Two-Way Connectivity Between Students, Campus Police and Other Security Resources

  • Easy Access: Get emergency messages by Wi-Fi, even without a phone signal!
  • Never Walk Alone: Share information with trusted friends, family and police.
  • Text: Need a SAFEWALK? See something suspicious? Have a tip? Report a crime?
  • Key Phone Numbers: Easy connections to local police departments and other resources.
  • Quick Info: Takes you directly to campus safety resources.
  • Help Is On the Way: Call UWMPD and share your location for a quick, accurate response.

To download the app for free, head over to the Apple App or Google Play stores and search for “Rave Guardian”

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What is Rave Mobile Technology?

RAVE Mobile Technology is the emergency communications platform that UWM uses.

  • UWM Emergency Alerts, also known as “RAVE Alerts” provide students, faculty, and staff with notifications via SMS text message and/or email in the event of a campus emergency.
  • RAVE Guardian is a mobile safety app, that students, staff and faculty can use to enhance their safety while at UWM.

Additional Rave Guardian Information

Want the low down on installing the app and how to use it? Check out the below training material and see how the Rave Guardian App is used specifically here at UW-Milwaukee:

Link to Training Material

Are you going to be walking somewhere and need the comfort of someone virtually watching your back? Perfect because the Virtual Safety Timer feature within the Rave Guardian App is just that. Let someone at the PD or your friends watch your back today!

Virtual Safety Timer Video

For detailed instructions on how to use the Rave Guardian Safety Timer, we also have an instructions document for you to reference as well.

Virtual Safety Timer Document