Beyond campus patrols, our police department strives to find other ways to create a safe and secure environment to the campus community. Below are some of our specialized policing teams within the department.

Community Policing Team

The UW-Milwaukee Police Department’s Community Policing Team helps promote positive police/community relationships and enhances safety through education, outreach and problem-solving.

Education –  We provide training to campus community members in the areas of general safety, self-defense, CPR, active shooter, alcohol/drug awareness and others.

Outreach – We build and strengthen relationships with the campus community through events such as Coffee with a Cop, Campus Safety Week, job fairs and more.

Problem-solving – We encourage feedback and the sharing of information from campus community members, and are confident campus concerns can be addressed through collaborative efforts and partnerships.

Sensitive Crimes Team

The Sensitive Crimes Team is responsible for the investigation of sexual assaults, child pornography, domestic violence, stalking and related internet crimes. The Sensitive Crimes Team is comprised of one lieutenant, three sergeants and seven officers. The officers provide a survivor-focused response, in an effort to seek justice for the victim if/when they choose to pursue the case through the criminal justice system. The Sensitive Crimes Team works closely with other departments to provide resources with a goal of helping the survivor feel safe, secure and supported.

Mountain Bike Patrol Team

Our bicycle patrol program consists of police and security officers who are passionate about bicycling and sustainability. Over half of our police and security officers are trained through the International Police Mountain Bike Association guidelines and standards. Our bicycle officers are able to safely respond to any incident or emergency in a timely manner, more so during the congested times on campus.

Our bicycle officers will ride in spring, summer and fall during all hours of the day and night. We can provide more approachable patrol techniques while patrolling areas that are not easily reached by squad cars. The best part of our bicycle program: It is environmentally and economically friendly.

LGBTQ+ Liaison Team

The UWM Police Department is committed to ensuring all members of the community feel comfortable contacting us for assistance and have access to police services. UWM Police have a dedicated LBGTQ+ Liaison Team. The team can serve as a point of contact between the UWM Police Department and the LGBTQ+ community. At the core of our department philosophy is the belief that an informed community, coupled with an accessible and approachable police department, is a safer community. Some of the efforts and functions of the LBGTQ+ Liaison team are:

  • Assist, advise and consult on cases involving members of the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Provide departmental training on LGBTQ+ topics.
  • Meet regularity with staff of the UWM LGBTQ+ Resource Center and discuss concerns, offer trainings, build relationships and bridge any gaps that may exist between the community and the department.
  • Attend LGBTQ+ campus events and programs.

To contact a member of the LBGTQ+ Liaison Team, you may contact our department by telephone 414-229-4627 or send an email directly to the team at