It is the policy of the UWM Police Department that all incidents of alleged or suspected violations of law, ordinances or department rules, regulations or policy and procedures must be investigated and reported in writing. The department encourages people to bring forward any legitimate complaint regarding misconduct by employees. All complaints against the department or its employees, including those received anonymously, will be courteously received and thoroughly investigated. A known complainant shall be notified of the receipt of their complaint and the outcome of the investigation.

Complaints can be submitted in person at the UWM-PD, via email at, or via U.S. mail (Complaint Form).

Once a complaint is investigated, the complaint and written investigation will be referred to the chief of police by the investigating supervisor. The chief will review the investigation and determine if a violation occurred of the UWM Police Department Code of Conduct, UWM-PD policy and procedures, federal or state laws.

If a violation of the Code of Conduct or UWM-PD policy and procedures is substantiated, the employee will be subject to disciplinary action, policy review and/or training. If a criminal violation is substantiated, criminal charges will be sought.

At the conclusion of investigation, the complaint will be notified in writing of the complaint disposition.

Complaints are adjudicated as follows:

  1. Unfounded: Investigation indicates that the allegations are false.
  2. Not substantiated: Insufficient evidence has been obtained to either prove or disprove the allegations.
  3. Substantiated: The allegations are supported by sufficient evidence to reasonably conclude that the allegations are true.
  4. Exonerated: Investigation indicates that the incident occurred, but the employee’s actions were justified, lawful or appropriate under the circumstances.
  5. Policy failure: Investigation indicates that the allegations are true; however, the employee was acting in accordance with the established department policy.

Because of the responsibilities imposed on all parties involved in the citizen complaint procedure, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Police Department must inform you that Wisconsin State Statute, 946.66(2), False Complaints of Police Misconduct, states in part: “Whoever knowingly makes a false complaint regarding the conduct of a law enforcement officer is subject to a Class A forfeiture.”

Mail Complaints to:

UWM Police Department
2025 E Newport Ave Suite 1457
Milwaukee, WI, 53211