What is the Use of Force policy of the UWMPD?

Our policy is available here.

Why doesn’t UWM rely on the Milwaukee Police Department?

Our officers are focused on the unique issues impacting the campus community. In addition to patrolling campus, officers spend time in our near neighborhoods where many of our students, staff and faculty reside. As a result, our campus and surrounding neighborhoods have some of the lowest crime rates in Milwaukee.  

How much training do UWM police officers receive?

The Wisconsin Law Enforcement Standards Board sets the requirements to attain and maintain certification for police officers. Officers are initially required to successfully complete the 720-hour basic law enforcement academy. On an annual basis, officers must complete a minimum of 24 hours of in-service training.

How does the UWM Police Department engage with the community?

Our outreach efforts include providing programming and training, and holding events on and off campus that allow for active engagement, collaboration and problem solving with the community we serve. We host Coffee with a Cop in various locations on campus throughout the fall and spring semesters. 

We host an annual Campus Safety Week where we showcase the abundant campus and local resources available to the UWM community.  During this event, UWMPD’s Community Policing Team promotes positive police/community relations and enhances these relationships through education and outreach. We participate in many local events such as our annual school supply drive, winter clothing drive and National Night Out, further extending our impact on the greater Milwaukee community. UWMPD is always looking for ways to engage the campus community.  If you have an idea, please reach out to our Community Liaison Officer Craig Rafferty at rafferty@uwm.edu.

Do UWM police officers use body cameras?

Yes, our policy is available under Chapter 9.03.

How do I know if I am being recorded?

The body worn cameras worn by our officers are clearly visible. If the officer is taking law enforcement action, such as conducting a traffic stop or an investigation, you can assume you are being recorded. You may ask the officer if they are recording.

Can I get a copy of a police report or the body worn camera video?

Requests must be submitted to UWM’s public records custodian.

I collect police patches. How can I obtain a patch?

We do not participate in patch swaps or giveaways. Thank you for your understanding.

How do I pay parking citations?

Parking is enforced by Transportation Services. Visit site: uwm.edu/transportation/

Can I get fingerprinted?

Yes, upon request we will ONLY fingerprint students, staff or faculty. You MUST supply the fingerprint card.