The UW-Milwaukee Police Department strives to keep our campus safe and up to date with ongoing activities. We understand that an informed community is a safer community. Please view our various services below to see how we can help keep you informed.

Crime Data

From daily crime and fire logs to the campus annual safety report, we aim to keep our community safe, informed, and prepared for dangerous situations. Our Crime Data page is meant to keep you aware and prepared for an event where your life could be potentially in harms way.
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Department Services

Besides law enforcement, did you know that we also offer escort “SAFEWALK” services, vehicle assistance, and hold onto a large amount of personal items that have been turned in to us as lost and found? Our motto is “Building Relationships ~ Protecting Community” and what better way to do that with our other departmental services we provide you!
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Safety Alerts

Did you know that our University provides students, faculty, and staff with current on campus safety alerts? By keeping you up to date, with what’s going on around campus from an emergency perspective, our goal is to keep you informed and aware of campus activity.
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Department Policies and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Want to learn more about our current Department Policies, or maybe you’re looking for more information on our Body Worn Cameras (BWC)? We aim to be transparent with our community.
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