Manjili, Mohsen

Water Technology Accelerator (WaTA)

Mohsen is a PhD student in Materials Science and Engineering Department, UW-Milwaukee, under the advisement of Dr. Silva. He is a graduate research assistant on “Developing Novel Materials to Remove Heavy Metals from Wastewater/Water” within the School of Freshwater Sciences, UW-Milwaukee, where he manages experimental research studies on heavy metals adsorption from water. He previously was a course instructor in Materials Department, UW-Milwaukee. He has also worked on mechanical behavior of metal matrix composites using FEM. Mohsen grew up in Iran where she obtained his Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering program, Sharif University of Technology. As a graduate research assistant in his master’s program, he developed a novel method in nickel based super alloys refining. In addition to these, his research interests include water treatment, wetting behavior of metal alloys and composites, corrosion behavior of metals.