Gohari, Zahra

Water Technology Accelerator (WaTA)

Zahra is a junior in Biological science/Pre-Med at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She has received the Dean's honor of letter and science in the past three semesters. Her interests in water research area begun during the spring semester of 2017 when she was accepted as a research assistant in UBM(UWM biology-math) program. She learned about bacterial and PPCP (extracting pharmaceuticals) experiments on lake water. Inspired by this research experience, Zahra joined Dr. Silva’s research group at Global Water Center, Milwaukee. She assisted in writing a review paper with a topic of “A review of technologies for detection of Zika virus: past, present and future “, and participated in two poster presentation on this topic. When she is not busy with her research in water technology, she enjoys playing intermural tennis and watching movies.