Edwards, Byron

Water Technology Accelerator (WaTA)

Byron Edwards is a native of Jamaica who has made the City of Milwaukee for the past 20 years his adoptive home town. Byron attended the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) where he started his BS in Engineering education then transfer to the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee(UWM) where he is currently attending and majoring in Environmental Engineering and Water Resources. Byron is also a GLR Undergraduate Student Researcher at WaTA and the UWM School of Freshwater Science where he is working on tracking and determining the Phosphorous level from fertilizer and other Nonpoint contaminant sources that affects our Great lakes. Other current research projects involved includes

  • Undergraduate Student Researcher: Using the Apollo 9000 TOC Analyzer; TOC Analysis an analytical technique that helps organizations to understand whether the water they used is pure enough to for their process.
  • Undergraduate Student Researcher: Using the CellScale biomaterial tester. This includes the UStretch test system performing cell and tissue testing, conducting mechanical measurements, analysis of biomedical material, and investigating properties of biomaterials. This technique is used to investigate what type of mechanical modification has been made to membranes used in water wastewater filtration.
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