UWM researchers’ 3-D video of virus could lead to better treatments

This video shows structural changes of a virus extruding its genome as it prepares to infect a healthy cell. It was created in a research collaboration led by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The research has the potential to fundamentally advance our understanding of how biological processes work inside the cell. That could lead to better treatment for the horde of human diseases caused by viruses.

In this video of the virus, the genome consists of double-stranded DNA which initially occupies the center in red. The video captures the DNA spreading from the inner cavity of the virus to a point in the virus’ outer shell where the tubular structure is forming. The final scene is of the virus emptying its genome, which is evident from the diminishing red color.

Learn more about the project: https://uwm.edu/news/uwm-researchers-create-first-3d-movie-virus-action/.