UWM online programs rated highly by U.S. News

UWM’s online bachelor’s program was ranked No. 39 by U.S. News & World Report, in a report released today that evaluated more than 1,700 online bachelor’s and master’s degree programs nationwide.

That ranking is the highest of any university or college in Wisconsin.

In addition, UWM was ranked the 26th best online bachelor’s program for veterans, and its online psychology program was ranked No. 9 nationally.

The rankings consider factors including the amount of engagement between instructors and students; faculty credentials and training; and the services and technology provided for online students. A final factor influencing ratings was expert opinion, gathered from a survey of high-ranking academic officials.

While many universities pivoted to online instruction at various points during the pandemic, the U.S. News rankings consider only programs that were designed to be delivered online.

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