UWM doctoral student discusses effort to help struggling mothers

Megan Wahl, a PhD candidate in public health at UWM, appeared on Fox6 Wakeup News on Friday to talk about the Moms Mental Health Initiative, which helps women experiencing postpartum depression and other mental health disorders.

WITI reporters Kim Murphy (from left) and Suzanne Spencer interviewed local artist Amber Pipkorn and UWM doctoral candidate Megan Wahl on Friday. (Photo courtesy of Megan Wahl)

Wahl spearheaded a partnership with the Milwaukee Art Therapy Collective to provide free art therapy sessions to help support struggling mothers.

Wahl and local artist Amber Pipkorn discussed the effort and a gallery opening at the Milwaukee Art Therapy Collective that is showcasing some of the art made during the therapy sessions, along with representations of motherhood by local artists.

The interview is available on the website of WITI.

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