Student Startup Challenge winners include a smart shoe sole

Some of the winning ideas in this year’s UWM Student Startup Challenge include a campus classified ad service similar to Craig’s List; software that tracks patient physical rehabilitation; and a smart sole that indicates when it’s time to replace running shoes.

The competition’s student and recent alumni winners will share $70,000 in support and services in a yearlong quest to learn entrepreneurial skills by turning product ideas into prototypes and businesses.

Now in its fourth year, the challenge is one of three student entrepreneur contests in UWM’s growing culture, collectively known as the “Ideas Challenge.”

To date, more than 300 students across various disciplines have been involved, developing prototype devices, mobile applications and business plans. The new winners are:

  • Joe Kotlan
  • Rasoul Hosseini and Andrew Eggebeen
  • Alexis Nash
  • Wyatt Tinder and Rebecca Yoshika
  • Ke Chen and Julian Ziman
  • Silas Petrie
  • Shawn Bohler and Brett Pozolinski
  • Joseph Pliner
  • Charlene Olive

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