Spring charges for courses, financial aid posted in PAWS

If you’re a student and registered for spring classes, you should see the charges reflected in the Finance section of your PAWS Student Center.

Find answers to many questions in the Spring FAQ section of the Student Financial Services website:

  • When financial aid will be applied to your charges (financial disbursement starts Jan. 14)
  • Importance of opening/viewing your Online Billing Statement
  • Options for more aid

Spring charges are due the first day of the semester. If your financial aid won’t cover the bill and you need more time, consider signing up for the Payment Plan to avoid finance charges and late fees.

Don’t delay if you need to apply for a Parent or Grad PLUS Loan, or a private alternative loan: uwm.edu/additionalaid. It can take two to six weeks to complete the process.

If you are one of many who have suffered a significant loss of income since 2020, please review the Special Circumstances information and form.

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