New Help Desk system launches June 16

On Friday, June 16, UWM IT will be launching a new Help Desk system. A few items to note moving forward:

  • When you open a ticket with the Help Desk, you’ll now receive an email that comes from (Previously, the emails came from
  • If you are requesting help via email, use this new email address:
  • The online request form and phone number (414-229-4040) for requesting help remain the same. For more information, please visit,

Below is an example of what the new emails, from, will look like:

Note: The email will have a link that allows you to Open Incident in Self Service. This is a feature of the new system and will allow you to view and interact with your incident. More details on this feature and how to use it will be coming soon!

If you are ever unsure of an email’s legitimacy, please visit our Cybersecurity webpage to learn more about phishing and email scams.

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