Governor visits UWM health and wellness center in focus on mental health care

Gov. Tony Evers toured UWM’s Student Health and Wellness Center on Wednesday morning as part of his efforts to spotlight the importance of mental health care.

Evers, who has declared 2023 the year of mental health, was greeted by UWM Chancellor Mark Mone and other campus leaders, including Dr. Aamir Siddiqi, UWM’s campus health officer and the wellness center’s executive director. Evers also met with several UWM students as part of his visit.

Siddiqi provided Evers with an overview of the health center’s medical and counseling services during the walkthrough of the Northwest Quad facilities. Evers learned about several wellness initiatives, such as UWM’s new Mindful Space, a tranquil setting designed to help people relax and rejuvenate.

Health center personnel shared some of the challenges they face in making sure students’ needs are met, which are often rooted in limited resources and available clinicians. In the last year alone, the center conducted more than 7,500 counseling sessions and provided services to more than 1,500 students, which represents 6.4% of the student population.

“Students on our campuses absolutely need to have the services that you’re all providing,” Evers said.

The health center recently expanded its mental health services for students, adding teletherapy appointments on evenings and weekends. UWM students also have access to a new mental health support line that is staffed around the clock.

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