Erb named research mentor of the year

The Office of Undergraduate Research named Dawn Erb, associate professor of physics, the 2020 Research Mentor of the Year.

Physics major Nik Prusinski nominated her. Erb’s research interests include galaxy formation and evolution.

Other nominees for this year’s award included:

Clark Evans (atmospheric science), Deborah Hannula (psychology), Mahsa Dabagh (biomedical engineering), Han Joo Lee (psychology), Marcia Silva (Global Water Center), Rafael Rodriguez (biological sciences), Sonia Bardy (biological sciences), Alice Lecus (Global Water Center) and Ryan Shorey (psychology).

Thirteen students who presented at the Office of Undergraduate Research’s virtual research symposium received Outstanding Presentation awards for their work. They included:

Bella Biwer, “Urban Safety and Resistance: Sherman Park, MKE,” mentor: Arijit Sen, architecture

Noah Graff, “Generative Adversarial Networks: Ultrasound Image Translation,” mentor: Istvan Lauko and Adam Honts, mathematical sciences

Gabriel Heller de Messer and Chantel Jenrette, “Kelp Gametophyte Culturing and Genetic Analysis Techniques for Conservation and Breeding,” mentors: Filipe Alberto, Gabriel Montecinos, and Rachael Wade, biological sciences

Raunak Khaitan, “Real-time Mobility Assistance for the Legally Blind,” mentor: Mohammad Rahman, biomedical engineering

Nathan Kohls, “Deep Learning Applications in Wastewater Treatment,” mentor: Rudi Strickler, biological sciences

Emma Kraco, “Water Temperature and Salinity Affect the Nutrition and Physical Size of Perca flavescens Embryos,” mentor: Dong Fang Deng, School of Freshwater Sciences

Raga Madhuri Podugu, “A Mobile Application for Monitoring Community Mobility in Children with Osteogenesis Imperfecta,” mentor: Jacob Rammer, biomedical engineering

Aleia Olson, “Sex Differences in Immediate Early Genes in Retrosplenial Cortex Following Context Fear Learning,” mentor: James Moyer, Hanna Yousuf, and Chad Smies, psychology

Claire Piehowski, “Differences in Approaches to Feeding Children as a Function of Parent Marital Status,” mentor: Hobart Davies and Paulina Lim, psychology

Madeline Rech, “Nail Biting and Nail Picking: A Comparison of Related Behaviors,” mentors: Han Joo Lee and Abel S. Mathew, psychology

Emily Ruder and Jacob Rankin, “Small-Scale Sustainable Charcoal Production in Kenya,” mentor: Mai Phillips, conservation and environmental science

Giorgio Sarro, “An Investigation of Post-Transition Extremes for Extratropically Transitioning Tropical Cyclones,” mentor: Clark Evans, atmospheric sciences

Mary Widener, Casey Phipps, Meghan Berger, Peter Green, Ava Hager & Hope Glassel, “The World After Us: Imaging Techno-Aesthetic Futures,” mentor: Nathaniel Stern, art and design

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