Using big data to make bats a bit less mysterious

Bats play an important role in the ecosystem. Doctoral student Xueling Yi researches bats’ history and geographic tendencies to help understand their susceptibility to disease.

A genetic look at autism

Christopher Quinn and his lab team are opening a window into basic information about root causes of the neurological and developmental disorder.

When gender matters in American politics

Nobody understands the factors behind the increasing visibility of women in American politics better than distinguished professor Kathleen Dolan.

A bright idea

Two UWM researchers collaborate in search of breakthroughs for using light to transmit data, which has vast implications for technology.

Fair housing now!

Derek Handley is studying rhetorical strategies that African American communities used in response to urban renewal in the 1950s and ’60s.

Chancellor’s Welcome

Chancellor Mark Mone invites you to learn about how UWM’s faculty members, staff and students make a positive impact through world-class research.

World-class, public-impact research

Academic, governmental and industry leaders know they can count on UWM for cutting-edge, life-changing work across a broad spectrum of fields.

Publications & Presentations

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