Arts+Tech Night, where technology combines with creativity

Light, sound, illusion and artistic vision will illuminate four floors of an industrial artist space owned by Peck School of the Arts on Wednesday, Dec. 16.

The public is encouraged to explore the exhibits at Arts+Tech Night from 6 to 9 p.m. at Kenilworth Square East, 1925 E. Kenilworth Place.

Arts+Tech Night is a technology-centered interdisciplinary art showcase featuring projects by 30 juniors and seniors working toward a bachelor’s degree in the Interdisciplinary Arts & Technology program, as well as students enrolled in arts courses that address technology in other ways.

Interdisciplinary Arts & Technology, as the name implies, allows students to explore the impact of new technologies on the arts, said David Witzling, faculty adviser. The interdisciplinary focus allows students to experiment with different ways of looking, knowing, and creating, through encounters with the ways in which different disciplines handle technology.

“The event explores the evolving role technology plays, and how technology mediates reality,” Witzling said.

Student arts organizations, including Reel Women, which seeks to address gender disparities in Hollywood cinema, and Decode, a club that curates and explores technologically mediated aesthetics, will be at the event.

Exhibitions will include works such as dance performances integrated with film, music played on experimental instruments that students created, 3-D prints, interactive video projections and participatory art that includes social media to make a statement about contemporary society. Becky Yoshikane’s work, for example, combines laser-cut acrylic constructions with an iPad to create the illusion of small, floating videos within Joseph Cornell-inspired dioramas. Cornell was an American artist, sculptor and filmmaker.

Also on hand will be Peck School of the Arts faculty members who helped mentor students. They include Frankie Flood (digital crafts lab and 3-D prints on display) and Nathaniel Stern (interactive work including video projections/body tracking (video game technology).

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