LEC Innovation Intern-Led Pop Ups

Several of the LEC’s own Innovation Interns have been leading Pop Ups on Design Thinking and Lean Launch methodologies. These workshops focus on skills that entrepreneurs can use to plan and enhance both their lives and their startups.  

Grace Rogers led a Design Thinking Pop Up with help from Mitchell Janezic for Eric Hendrich’s BUS ADM 292 class, focusing on how the students could implement Design Thinking into both their businesses and their life as a user-centric method of problem solving. Students learned how to interview a customer who has an issue, unpack what they heard, read between the lines and reframe the interview into a specific question, brainstorm possible answers, prototype a solution, and gather feedback. The ideals of design thinking can be integrated not only into business but into everyday life as a more empathetic manner of problem-solving.  

Mitchell Janezic then held another workshop with help from Grace Rogers, focusing on the Lean Launch process and ‘pitching as storytelling.’ The Pop Up was given for the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (CEO). Due to weather conditions, this workshop quickly pivoted to a virtual format. Lean Launch is a methodology for working out the details of a startup and acts as a litmus test for a business. Following an introductory explanation, CEO members brainstormed their values and customers and completed Product-Market Fits to refine them into a specific question. Afterwards, they learned about the similarities between a classic ‘story arc’ and a ‘pitch arc’ and how to effectively tell a story to make your pitch memorable and impactful.  

“Mitch and I had a blast running these workshops,” Grace recalled. “It was quite a trick to pivot to online so abruptly during the ice storm, but the students were able to deliver some incredible value propositions and product-market fits despite the less-than-ideal conditions. It is always so exciting to see the gears start turning as participants engage with the problem and work as a team.”  

These student interns are honing their leadership and communication skills while leading workshops that build entrepreneurship and innovation on our campus and in our community. Get ready for more workshops and events led by our Innovation Interns as we move forward!