Stern, Nathaniel

Professor, Art & Design / Mechanical Engineering
Director, Startup Challenge

Dr. Nathaniel Stern is an awkward artist, writer, and teacher who likes awkward art, writing, and students. As a Professor across Art (MFA from New York University), Engineering (PhD from Trinity College Dublin), and the LEC, he teaches artists how to engineer, engineers how to art, and everyone how to sustain their passions. His research spans interactive and ecological art, energy technology, environmental policy, entrepreneurial strategy, and anti-racist action in Milwaukee. A father of five(!), Nathaniel feeds off others’ passions, and so working with graduate students and student startups are the two best parts of his job.

Fun fact:

Nathaniel’s first job was running a “frozen fruit” stand - selling popsicles - by some volleyball courts in Edison, New Jersey; he was paid $2/hour by a local shop owner.


LEC Teaching Fellows Information:

Professor, Art & Design / Mechanical Engineering,
Director, Startup Challenge

Dr. Stern is an artist and engineer as well as the Director/Co-founder of the UWM Student Startup Challenge. He has produced and collaborated on projects ranging from interactive and ecological art to battery startups and philosophical books.

I can offer...

Engineering tactics for artists, artful strategies for engineers, design thinking, tech help, material investigation, prototyping, and general creativity and enthusiasm all around!


ART/MECH ENG 405 - Product Realization

ART 313 - Programming for Artists 1

ART 316 - Interactive and Multimedia Art

ART 318 - Electronics and Sculpture

ART 507 - Undergraduate Research in Art and Design