Meyer, Barbara

Professor, College of Health Sciences

Dr. Meyer’s research projects are borne out of the need to identify solutions to the real life concerns of individuals, teams, and organizations. Ongoing research examines: (a) rest and recovery in athletes, sport organizations, and occupational workers; (b) integrated human performance; and (c) applied team science.

In her sport and performance psychology practice, Dr. Meyer uses a systems approach to: (a) enhance the performance of athletes, performing artists, and occupational workers, and; (b) facilitate rehabilitation and return to activity following injury. She has worked with professional and world-class performers around the globe, and currently serves as Lead Sport Psychologist for the Olympic Winter Institute of Australia.

To learn more about Dr Meyer’s work as well as those of her students, visit the Laboratory for Sport Psychology & Performance Excellence at

I can offer...

I can offer discussion on a topic of interest, to serve as a sounding board, and general input on topics related to performance / performance enhancement.


KIN 350 - Psychological Aspects of Sport & Exercise

KIN 550 - Psychological Aspects of Human Movement

KIN 552 - Psychology of Personal Excellence

PRPP 854 – Professional Studies in Sport & Performance Psychology

PRPP 855 – Mentored Fieldwork in Sport & Performance Psychology

OCCTHPY 522 – Health, Performance, & Injury Monitoring in Organizations

OCCTHPY 592 – Innovative Solutions in Human Factors & Performance