Devpura, Priya

Innovation Intern, Lubar Entrepreneurship Center

pdevpura@uwm.eduLubar Entrepreneurship Center 204

Priya is a graduate student in Management Sciences and Quantitative Analytics and is also pursuing a Business Analytics Certification at UWM. She hails from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, which is affectionately known as the heart of India. Priya is on the path to becoming a data analyst and eventually aims to establish a marketing company that integrates data analysis and machine learning to innovate marketing strategies for products and services. To maintain an active lifestyle, she engages in various physical activities. Priya is particularly fond of playing basketball, working out at the gym, and ice skating, which has become a part of her weekly routine in Milwaukee.

Fun Fact:

Beyond her love for sports, Priya is an avid artist. In India, she was known for her work with resin, creating commissioned resin art pieces and teaching the craft to others. Additionally, she pioneered the first startup in India that specialized in the use of jesmonite material, an eco-friendly alternative to resin. She also holds a yellow belt in Karate.