Subdomain Name vs Short URL

Subdomain Name vs Short URL

Campus Press websites are “live” as soon as server space is made for them. This means, of course, that in the development stages the website is available to anyone who has the URL. The following information will help you decide when to request a Subdomain for your website and will also address the use of Short URLs.


Atisa 2018 Conference website
URL is always:

Use a Subdomain Name when:

  1. Conferences are National and International
  2. UWM identity needs to be secondary

Advantage of Subdomains: The word “people” does not appear in the URL.

Disadvantages of Subdomains: Development is often excruciatingly slow, with minor changes taking 5 to 15 minutes to register as completed on the website. A major lag! (This situation may change in the future.)

Solution for Subdomain disadvantages: Order a Subdomain for your websites (from the UWM WordPress Team) AFTER your website has been developed.

Short URL

Faculty website
Short URL:
Actual URL that appears in browser:

The short URL is basically a redirect. When using the short URL, the word “people” will show up in the URL after visitors access your website. When using short URLs, the slowness typical of Subdomains is not an issue.