Hamid Ouali

 Johnston Hall 129
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PhD, Linguistics, University of Michigan
MA, Linguistics, University of Tromsø, Tromsø, Norway

Research Interests

Syntactic theory, Arabic syntax, Berber syntax

Teaching Areas

Syntax, general linguistics, Arabic language and linguistics

Selected Publications

Abuhayri, Salem, and Ouali, Hamid. “The Complementizer Layer in Arabic Revisited.” Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics XXXII XXXII. Ed. Elly van Gelderen. John Benjamins Publishing Company, (In Progress) .
Aldholmi, Yahya, Ouali, Hamid, and Trinh, Tue. “On complex adjectival phrases in Standard Arabic.” This is a contribution from Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics XXX XXX. John Benjamins Publishing Company, (2019): 79-91.
Albaty, Yasser, and Ouali, Hamid. “Restructuring and control in Arabic.” BRILLS ANNUAL OF AFROASIATIC LANGUAGES AND LINGUISTICS 10.2 (2018): 169-199.
Ouali, Hamid. “The syntax of Tense in Arabic.” The Routledge Handbook of Arabic Linguistics. Ed. Elabbas Benmamoun and Reem Bassiouney. Routledge, (2017).
Ouali, Hamid, and Albukhari, Juman. “‘The syntax of light verbs in Jordanian Arabic and Moroccan Arabic’.” Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics XXVIII. Ed. Youssef Haddad & Eric Potsdam. John Benjamins Publishing Company, (2016).
Ouali, Hamid. “Multiple Agreement in Moroccan Arabic.” Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics XXV. Ed. Froud, Karen, and Kamis-Dakwar, Reem. John Benjamins Publishing Company, (2014): 121-135.
Farwaneh, Samira, and Ouali, Hamid, eds. Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics XXIV-XXV. John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2014.
Ouali, Hamid. Agreement, Pronominal Clitics, and Negation in Tamazight Berber. Continuum: Bloomsbury Studies in Theoretical Linguistics, 2011: 198.
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