Five Minute Talks

Merrill 316

Linguistics Five Minute Talk presentations. Program TBA

Colloquium: Travis Major

Merrill 316

Linguistics Department Colloquium: Travis Major (USC) "Say"-complementation: re-analyzing Lubukusu complementizer agreement In this talk, I extend the analysis of "say" complementation structures in Major (2021a, 2021b) of Uyghur (Turkic) and Avatime (Kwa) to Lubukusu (Bantu). "Say" complementation (schematically "I told […]

Showcase for Linguistics 410/410G “Methodologies in ESL Education”

Merrill Hall, 3rd Floor

This showcase will allow the students in Ling 410 to “showcase” their final L2 Lessons in a “Poster Session” style format. The students are free to choose the teaching/learning context, so you will see a range of lessons, including ones […]

Cookies & Coffee for Linguistics Undergrads

All linguistics undergraduate students are warmly invited to Cookies & Coffee with Linguistics, in Johnston 110A. Come say hello to your fellow linguistics students, chat with a faculty member, eat a cookie, and drink a hot tea or coffee. We […]