Honors College

UWM’s Honors College offers small, seminar-based coursework to students admitted to the Honors College. Successful completion of the Honors College requirements leads to the degree being conferred with Honors. Students are admitted to the Honors College based on their application for admission as a freshman. Transfer students and others who were not admitted as freshmen may request a review of their college record for consideration for admission. Read more about the Honors College.

Dean’s List

Letters and Science students who earn a semester grade point average of 3.75 or higher on at least 12 graded credits will be placed on the Dean’s Honor list. Letters are sent via email in February for Fall grades and in June for Spring grades.

Honor Societies

Students often receive invitations or solicitations to join various honor societies. Many are legitimate and some are not. It is important to research the organization before paying any dues to understand the value of a particular society and the benefits you receive. Reliable advice for vetting an organization can be found on the Association of College Honor Societies web page.

The following societies all have formal affiliation with UWM and should be considered if you are invited to join.

Open to all Letters & Science majors:

English Majors

French Majors

Geography Majors

German Majors

History Majors

Political Science Majors

Sociology Majors