Translation and Interpreting

The Graduate Certificate in Translation offers online-only professional training to students in French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, and often other languages, who wish to pursue careers in the language-services industry broadly speaking, or in other fields requiring advanced professional use of a language other than English.

Graduate Certificate

Total Credits Required

21 credits

Select Language Pair (6 credits)

Trnsltn xxx - Introduction to Translation in your language pair

Trnsltn xxx - Advanced Seminar in Translation in your language pair

Required Courses (12 credits)

Trnsltn 709 – Seminar in Literary and Cultural Translation, 3 credits

Trnsltn 726 – Computer Assisted Translation, 3 credits

Trnsltn 730 – Internship in Translation, 3 credits

Trnsltn 710 - Comparative Systems for Translation, 3 credits

Electives (3 credits)

List is not exhaustive

  • Trnsltn 530 – Business & Professional Aspects of Translation, 3 credits
  • Trnsltn 700 – Consecutive Interpreting, 3 credits
  • Trnsltn 711 – Ethics & Procedures in Interpreting, 3 credits
  • Trnsltn 727 – Project Management in Translation, 3 credits
  • Trnsltn 728 – Editing for the Translation Industry, 3 credits
  • Trnsltn 820 – Translation Theory, 3 credits
  • Approved course in your area of specialization (can be offered by a unit other than Translation & Interpreting Studies)

Transfer Credit

Certificate coursework at the graduate level may be applied toward an MA degree in the MALLT Program. Required courses completed as part of an undergraduate degree will not count toward the certificate requirements; in such cases, students, in consultation with the certificate program coordinator, will select additional appropriate elective courses to complete a minimum of 21 certificate program credits after the baccalaureate degree has been awarded.

Articulation with Degree Programs

  1. Credits and courses required for a certificate may double count toward meeting UWM graduate degree requirements subject to the following restrictions:
    • Degree programs must approve the courses from certificates that can double count toward the degree.
    • All credits taken in completion of certificate requirements may count towards a UWM graduate degree as long as they do not contribute more than 90% of the total credits needed to obtain the degree. (Note: Students in Ph.D. programs must still complete the minimum residency requirements)
    • Certificate courses used toward meeting degree requirements must be completed within the time limit for transfer credit.
  2. Courses completed for a degree may be counted toward a subsequent certificate, subject to all certificate policy requirements.
  3. A course may count toward no more than one certificate and one degree.
  4. Students may not earn a certificate subsequent to a concentration in the same area.

GPA Requirements

Students must earn at least an average GPA of 3.0 in courses completed at the graduate level as well as a 3.0 GPA average on all credits completed for the certificate.

Time Limit

Students must complete all certificate courses within 4 years of initial enrollment in the certificate sequence.