Psychology is a science that provides critical insights into human behavior. Psychologists investigate how behavior is modified in the face of psychiatric disorders or disease and how the brain gives rise to the rich tapestry of behaviors that govern our day-to-day experiences.

A psychology major gives you much career flexibility because of its emphasis on reasoning, problem solving, critical thinking, communication, research and writing. In addition to becoming a counselor or therapist, many students go into human resources, sales, marketing, business management, law, medicine, social work, real estate, social services, and more all fields that require comprehensive knowledge of human behavior.

Many students go on to graduate school to pursue specialized training. This may lead to a career as a counselor, therapist, or research scientist. In most states, a master's degree is required to become a licensed practitioner. At UWM, our Psychology major can be tailored: the Bachelor of Arts route is ideal for students planning a career in human services while the Bachelor of Science route focuses on neuroscience and is well-suited for students looking to go into a graduate research program or medical school.

Psychology students at UWM have a distinct advantage they can participate in research as undergraduates, sometimes even as soon as freshman year. In psychology labs, students work directly with faculty and graduate students on their current research projects, and sometimes contribute as co-authors to peer-reviewed presentations or publications. In addition, a number of psychology students complete Field Placements. The Field Placement is similar to an internship and permits students to step out of the traditional classroom setting and volunteer with a community organization that has a mission consistent with the psychology degree. In each case, our students acquire fundamental skills, have opportunities to explore and refine their interests, and establish meaningful connections that permit them to make informed decisions about their future pursuits.

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