Biochemistry focuses on the application of chemical principles to the investigation of life processes. Biochemists work in a wide range of careers in academic institutions, pharmaceutical, medical and biotechnology industries, and government. Biochemistry also prepares students for professional schools in healthcare (including pre-medicine, pre-vet and pre-pharmacy).

Biochemistry is a popular major for students preparing to go on to medical school, veterinary school, dental school or other similar healthcare programs that require a foundation in both biology and chemistry. Students can also pursue other paths with a biochemistry major including lab research in areas related to water, healthcare, and manufacturing; forensics work for municipalities or agencies; agriculture; genetics; scientific writing and promotion; sales and marketing in science fields; food safety and production; pharmaceutical production; and more.

The opportunity to participate in research as an undergraduate is a distinct advantage for UWM undergraduates. At most large, research universities, research opportunities for undergraduates are limited; there are fewer of them and they often are reserved for juniors or seniors. At UWM, you can get involved as early as freshman year. Students work directly with faculty and graduate students on their current research projects, and sometimes find themselves published in a peer-reviewed journal right alongside the faculty member. Participating in undergraduate research is an excellent way to enhance your resume for graduate school or employment.

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