Photo: LACUSL scholar, Margarita García-Rojas with her research poster


The Latin American, Caribbean and U.S. Latinx Major (LACUSL), Latin American and Caribbean Studies Certificate (LACS), and Latino Studies Certificate (LS) have opportunities for students to earn academic course credit while working as interns during the semester. Internships offer students the opportunity to utilize skills and knowledge from the classroom into real-world opportunities.


To earn credit, students must have an academic component in addition to their internship position. This is done by the student enrolling in either LACUSL, LACS, LS 289 or 489 and working with a UWM faculty member. The course will depend on the student’s academic plan and prerequisites met. Students will receive information from the Internship Coordinator on which course to enroll in and how to enroll in the course once the agreement form has been approved.


Please be sure to start this process with enough time before the semester starts!

  1. Students should connect with the Internship Coordinator as soon as possible and express their interest in completing an internship. Students find an appropriate internship opportunity and apply on their own. The Internship Coordinator can assist the student to identify opportunities and share resources.
  2. Students identify a faculty supervisor that will work with them for the academic component. They work to create a syllabus. Seek assistance from the Internship Coordinator, if needed.
  3. Students communicate with the internship site to obtain an on-site supervisor.
  4. The student, faculty supervisor, and on-site supervisor sign an Agreement Form, and the student turns the form into the Internship Coordinator before the internship begins.
  5. Once the internship position is approved by the coordinator, the student will receive information on how to enroll for either LACUSL/LACS/LS 289 or 489.
  6. Student begins the internship and follows deadlines for the academic component.


Placements can vary based on student interest, but tasks must be related to their program of study, and not merely administrative duties. Some common placements are government agencies, nonprofits, and health services.

Students are encouraged to identify internship opportunities on their own, but they must obtain approval from the Internship Coordinator beforehand.

Organizations that have established programs that would appreciate a LACUSL, LACS, or LS student:

Find more opportunities on sites such as: Jobs That Help; the Hispanic Professionals of Greater Milwaukee’s Job Board; the LACUSL News Section; and. UWM’s Handshake.

Contact the Internship Coordinator for more information if you are interested in interning at either of these sites, or another site you’ve found, and to learn how to apply to any of these opportunities. (This list will grow as our internship program continues to develop.)


The Student must work a minimum of 120 hours (or 40 hours per credit) during the semester, in addition to the time they put into the academic component.

All students enrolled in one of the aforementioned courses must do outside reading and complete substantial appropriate academic work to earn academic credit, which is outlined in the syllabus they create with their faculty supervisor.

The on-site supervisor must also contribute to evaluations of the student toward the end of the semester.

The internship must be related to the students’ program of study (LACUSL, LACS, LS).

Students must identify a faculty advisor who will work with them to develop a reading list and supervise the final project.

Desired deadlines to turn in the completed Internship Agreement are one week prior to the start of classes for the appropriate term. Email your internship coordinator if you are unable to make that deadline.

See the Internship FAQs for more information and visit the LACUSL News Section for potential internship opportunities.

Internship Coordinator

 Aimee Orndorf,, is serving as the Internship Coordinator for LACUSL, LACS, and LS. Contact her with any questions regarding internships, or to set up a meeting.